xbox live gold allows for multiplayer gaming, free games and monthly discounts

What is Xbox Live Gold : Find out all the advantages of getting a gold subscription 2017 Update

Understanding the benefits of Xbox Live Gold can be very useful. Let’s go over some of these benefits of  Xbox Live Gold and why you should have this subscription.

To start off, there are some neat thing you can take advantage of, some of which are free and others you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold Subscription to access. Of course, when you pay for Xbox Gold you will have access to all the same things as Xbox Live and much more!

NOTE: Xbox Live Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One are the same thing! It doesn’t matter which console you have, all the codes listed here can be used for both systems as they are loaded/redeem on your account regardeless of your console.

First tings first, here’s a list of all the advantages that come with Xbox Live aka Xbox Live Silver:

Xbox Live advantages (these perks are also included with Xbox Live Gold):

  • Xbox Video
  • Voice chat
  • Free demos and game previews
  • Family settings
  • Downloadable games
  • Bing
  • Avatar creations
  • Apps including Netflix
  • Xbox One can owners also use EA Access in thei free version of Xbox Live

I’m sure you have taken notice that Xbox Live Gold offers many additional perks but these perks can sometimes come with a catch such as needing subscriptions or additional equipment.

To make things simple, most people purchase a Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play online multiplayer.

Let’ say that again as is very important piece of information, you are not able to play multiplayer of your Xbox Live subscription alone, you have to get a Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to play multiplayer on the Xbox!

If you already have an Xbox Live Gol d membership active, or if you were thinking about getting one, you should know all the extra advantages you get with it. ?

Let’s go through them right now!

Xbox Live Gold Full Advantages Include Multiplayer, Free Games With Gold and Discounted Monthly Games Just To Name A Few:

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Buy Games With Bitcoin: It’s simple, quick and secure!

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what is playstation plus

What Is The Playstation Plus & All It’s Advantages 2017 Update

Is the PlayStation Network free?

The PlayStation network (PSN) is a free service for all PS Vita. PS3 & PS4 users. The PSN is Sony’s online hub for all the extensive entertainment options they offer.


Use your PS3 or PS4 to access great services like Netflix, YouTube and catch-up TV by downloading an app from PlayStation Store.


Turn the lights down, grab your favourite drinks or snacks and unwind with the latest must-see movies fresh from the cinema and the TV shows everybody’s talking about. Whether you’re catching up with your besties, getting the family together or just making time for someone special, PlayStation Video has the great movies and TV shows you want.

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battle field one buy it now

5 Reasons Battlefield 1 Is The Most Anticipated Shooter Of The Year. Play It Today!

1-Going Back to Basics

Developed by DICE, BF1 is the next big shooter, no question there. In a world where narratives and setting of shooters have always gone forward in the timeline, usually being set in the near future, DICE made the bold and arguably inspired decision to go back more than a century and set it in the midst of WW1 .

Judging from the gameplay I’ve seen and the Beta I’ve played, I can tell you that bold decision is paying off, big time.

2-Campaign Story Mode

As with all shooters with a story campaign, the single player aspect is meant to train you in preparation for the multiplayer environment. While these campaign doses indeed do that, it goes so much further.

Throwing you into pivotal battles and moments in the recorded history of The Great War, it also tells the compelling personal stories of the men and women who served in that war. All these elements are woven into a narrative that plays out like a blockbuster movie. It’s that immersive, compelling and emotional. And this is just one episode.

The campaign is divided up into War Stories, which are all separate, with different main characters, setting and time during the war. So far I’ve only seen the very first story, and I can’t wait to see more.

3-Multiplayer Mode

The bread and butter of shooters, historical or otherwise has always been the multiplayer experience, and on this front. DICE and EA delivers. With improved net code, making the game not as frustrating as say BF4, (I say “not as frustrating” because there are moments where it is, but that’s just the nature of online play, it’s never perfect. Yet this is still miles better than what I’ve experienced anywhere else.)

The maps are impressive, beautifully designed and massive, almost ludicrously large, especially the desert maps with up to 64 players. I can honestly say I never found the edge of the map on foot unless I went looking for it. With capture points and obstacle placement giving plenty of options in how you approach the situation you’ll find yourself in.

On that note, there are some inspired and some questionable mechanics at play in the game. A couple off the top of my head being the decoy heads on sticks you can deploy to fool others into thinking a sniper is aiming at them. Or the weirdly ungodly amount of damage a horse can soak up.

Another of particular note is the Behemoth system, in which the team that is on the cusp of defeat, gains access to a “behemoth” vehicle, a massive, tide turning element in the game that is the last gasp of a dying team or the deus ex machina, pulling victory from the jaws of defeat…

Unfortunately, it’s still up in the air whether this system actually works, as from what I’ve seen, even with a behemoth, the losing team still loses anyway.

Still, it is extremely cool seeing an armored train roar through the desert, or a massive dreadnaught shelling death from the shore… the airship… well that’s most spectacular when it falls out of the sky.
Which brings me to my last point….

4-Game Graphics

So what can I say about it? DICE has always done a magnificent job with its graphics on the Frostbite Engine. The game in Single Player and Multiplayer is just pure eye candy.

Dense wet forests, mud, desert sands and rocks are incredibly detailed, coupled with the building and environment destruction that is so detailed you can shoot the branches off a tree. There are even peculiar little details, that may not be fully realistic, but they add so much more to that awe-inspiring aspect when you see them, such as the sun glinting off the mud on the tracks of your tank.

This is seriously the best-looking game when it comes to photo-realism, I have ever seen. Couple all this with the incredible sounds of the weapons and vehicles, the squish of mud, the horrifying screams and brutal sounds of a successful bayonet charge, everything about the experience in this game is visceral to the core.

In all, I feel this game captures a little piece of the brutality of war. That first reveal trailer above? While it’s not pure gameplay THAT is what it feels like to play this game.
War in real life is never fun nor should it ever be fun. But this is a game, and the war in this game is brutal, beautiful, and really fun!

5-You Can Play Battle Field 1 Right Now on Early Access

If you have an EA access membership you can play the first 10 hours of the game right now (and these achievements will carry on when you get the full game on October ). You can purchase cheap EA access digital codes, if you buy 1 year EA access membership you are basically paying £1 per month. A pretty good deal if you consider all the advantages of having an EA access subscription.

Also, Battlefield 1 is available for pre-order and preload right now For PC, Xbox and PS4.

The Early Enlister Deluxe Edition Includes:

  • Early Access on October 18th. Hit the ground first with Early Enlister Early Access, which lets you play the full game early on October 18th.
  • The Hellfighter Pack. Fight like hell and give no ground with the Hellfighter Pack. Inspired by The Harlem Hellfighters, the first African-American infantry unit and one of the toughest of the Great War, this pack contains themed items based on their heroic deeds.
  • The Red Baron Pack. Take to the skies with the Red Baron Pack, crammed with items inspired by the famous fighter pilot, the flying ace of the German air force.
  • The Lawrence of Arabia Pack. See another side of the war with the Lawrence of Arabia Pack. Grab items and weapons based on the adventures of the famous archaeologist and diplomat who played a pivotal role in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire.
  • 3x vehicle skins. Make sure your enemies know who’s coming for them with skins on three of the largest vehicles in the game.
  • 5x Battlepacks. Prepare for battle with five additional Battlepacks, stuffed full of all the gear you need to hold your ground in an all-out war.
Destiny Rise of Iron Release Date

Destiny Rise of iron Release Date

Destiny Rise of iron Release time and details

Coming on the 20th of September,Destiny Rise of iron will release on Xbox One and PS4 at 9:00am UTC.

For those with only a passing familiarity with Destiny, you will likely remember it as a game with a rocky start and, indeed, a rocky history. From a mid-development cycle do-over, to having to collect and read about the deeper lore and story in the form of Grimoire cards.

To the immersive and expansive experience that is Taken King. Most of all, to the addictive and (at times) blood boiling PVP; which has now caught the attention of the Major League Gaming (MLG) scene (see below).
Destiny has come a long way from its rough start. Continue reading