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Addicting Games: Here’s a List of 20 Titles That Will Get You Hooked!


Addicting games, what is it exactly that we mean when we talk about addictive games? Keep in mind that the factors that get people hooked of certain titles will of-course depend a lot on what type of gamer you are. Different people will always be attracted to different things.

In the past we have gotten a bit more specific by finding a pretty lengthy list of older and free addictive games for you to try. I’ve made you another list, but it will be much more generic.

I’ve pretty much included my own personal favourites as well as few others that were suggested to me by friends and the web… So you will notice quite the diversity here, from mobile games, going through some of the newest hits as well as some of the most famous classic.

Make Sure you Can Buy These Addictive games

Because this list is generic, it includes titles from different consoles, so you will have to decide whether you’ll be needing a cheap Xbox live gold subscription, PSN plus Card or some cheap Steam codes! If you find a mobile game you like (I’ve included some of these in the list as well) then you will have to pic between Google Play Cards or some cheap iTunes digital codes.

NOTE: You can head to in case you need to buy these products from the US (for Playstation Plus country restrictions apply).

Haven’t tried one of the games in this list? Lucky you, chances are you are going to enjoy it!

Notice we have included many series in our list, if you feel like you’d like to recommend a particular title from the franchise, feel free to express your opinions in the comment section at the end of the post!

Ok, enough words, let’s get down to some games and links!

Here’s our list of most addicting games 2016 update


We love addicting games! As gamers we are constantly looking for the next video game that will conquer our attention and time.  What can I tell you? We are prone to boredom and these titles are sure to keep us happily busy for some time.

Hope you did find a good game in our list you haven’t tried yet 🙂

Do you have other games that should be included in this list? Share your opinion in the comment section below and help us increase this list!


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