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Hello, I’m Marcus Boon I got into gaming at a pretty young age on the PC back in 1996. First “real” game I played was Command and Conquer. Before that, it was a bizarre mix of things you’d find on 3’ floppy disks (yup there’s a joke there).   Since then I’ve been hooked and have been gaming in one form or another since. Obviously that’s colored the games I hold preference in, but I can appreciate even those I don’t.   On that note, I’m a science fiction and fantasy fan. Anything space and tech I’ll drool over, anything with swords and magic and dragons I’ll devour. As such, my current all-time favorite game is the Mass Effect Series. Say what you want about the promises Bioware made and broke about lasting consequences. It’s still a hell of a journey.   What I absolutely love about games is their stories. To me, an amazing game tells an amazing story. Now what I mean by that exactly is that; it doesn’t matter if a game has a set story like in an RPG.   All that matters is that you, as the player, come away from that game with a story that is awesome to you. In my opinion, that shows that the game is immersive and the gameplay smooth enough that you don’t feel confined by it.   I love great stories, whether they’re created by the developer or by the player.   In my reviews and recommendations I try to be as impartial as possible, but that’s difficult when you’re talking/writing about things your passionate about. So what I will promise is that I will write you the honest truth as seen through my eyes. If I say something is good and worth looking into, it’s because I’ve looked into it and I love it.   Happy Gaming!

rimworld a god game you want to play

Rimworld Still On Early Access 5,001 Reviews Say This Game Is Awesome

“A sci-fi colony sim driven by an AI storyteller”
Rimworld is little-known indie game that is currently on steam early access. Risky to buy right?

NOTE: Don’t be taken back by the multiple prices you will be see listed on the Steam page, the extra packages apart from the game, have inflated prices due to a huge interest from the community. Here’s the actual explanation on this thread

Early access has been known for its lemons, but here’s the kicker; thousands of user reviews in and its consensus is, “Overwhelmingly Positive.”

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