titles announced to be backwards compatible march 2016

Backwards Compatibility Xbox One: New Titles Announced For March 2016


UPDATE** Sadly the information on this post has proven to be incorrect. Mayor Nelson has confirmed on this Reddit thread, that the picture that originated the talks about the upcoming releases was never true.

Certainly a strange thing given the picture was sent to people’s Xbox inbox and was certainly official to a point. Anyway, what can you do? Sometimes individuals within gigantic corporations will make mistakes (though no one is doubting the rumors could have been started in purpose) and this things happen.

Thank you again Major Nelson for the corroboration 🙂

After PlayStation just announced they’ll be releasing their PS VR Set this upcoming October, it’s certainly a good thing for Microsoft to get back out there and capture some headlines. There are some pretty awesome games coming to Xbox one…

If your Xbox senses have been tingling, I guarantee you it was in expectation of the following news. There’s a new batch of backwards compatible titles for your Xbox One. Yup, head to our shop and stock up with Xbox Live Gold Memberships, I mean, technically you can get some cheap

There’s a new batch of backward compatible games for your Xbox One. Yup, you should stock up with Cheap Xbox Live Gold , I mean, technically you can get some xbox gift cards if that’s what you prefer… But ensure you are prepared for these awesome games!

Before making the decision, do consider there are many benefits to buying a Xbox live gold subscription!

Here  are the  latest titles coming to PlayStation One though backward compatibility…

New Games For PlayStation One Thanks To Backwards Compatibility March 2016 backwards compatibility xbox 2016 announces 4 more titles for the xbox one

  • Call of Duty Black Ops
  • Skate 3
  • Halo Wars

Some extra detials about backwards compatibility from the official you tube channel:

Larry Hryb and Richard Irving discuss how backward compatibility will work on the New Xbox One Experience, including using the Xbox 360 guide, as well as Xbox One features such as game streaming, Game DVR and taking a screenshot.

Check out all the available backwards compatible games, the guys from Gamespot created a pretty updated &  comprehensive list .

Conclusion about backwards compatibility Xbox 2016:

It’s always a good time for all Xbox users when old (and super freaking awesome in this particular time) games flock into the market.

In case you have the need to go and check which other tiles you could get into your Xbox one thanks to backwards compatibility then all you haveto do is head to the following list of all the games available thus far. Simple isn’t it?

Awesome things are happening all over the gaming industry, Virtual Reality is now a fact for PlayStation, much-awaited titles (Hitman and the latest expansion of Fall Out 4 fo example) are finally arriving to all gamers world-wide… heck it is even getting a lot easier for European gamers to get cheap games!

We hope all of you guys are excited as we are, remember to let us know (on the comment below) what you think about the new backwards compatible games for your Xbox set.


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