battlefield 4 for free on may 18 2016

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Free for Xbox Live Gold members on May 18th 2016


Oh Hells yes! In preparation for the launch of Battlefield 1 our lovely friends at Xbox have decided that on May 18th 2016 Battlefield 4: Final Stand  will be Free for Xbox Live Gold members. 

A brave Redditor told the world about this amazing happening in this Imgur post right here.

So get a Xbox live subscription right now, we are actually having some special combo deals that you might find interesting (the price comes to around 2.88 Euro a month for your Gold subscription).

Battlefield 4: Final stand  Free On Xbox Live, watch the trailer now

Game description

Battlefield 4: Final Stand is the fifth expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The expansion focuses on the conclusion of the War of 2020 with the formation of thePan-Asian Coalition, and the creation of advanced futuristic technologies later featured in Battlefield 2142.

All four maps are set in Russia, with most set in Siberia and in the northwestern part of Russia.

Final Stand is part of BF4 Premium Battlefield 4 Final Stand moves the fight into the grand Russian wintry landscape as the war closes in on its epic conclusion.

In an effort to change the tide of the war a Pan Asian Coalition starts to take form and experimental prototype weapons enter the Battlefield. Take helm of a high-tech hover tank with versatile movement and capability to move sideways with strafing.

Find the new powerful Battle Pickups: a devastating rail gun and a deadly high-speed drone.

Master all the new high-tech additions to get the upper-hand when facing a whole new Battlefield with harsh blizzards rolling over the vast landscapes, get caught in tight infantry combat in top-secret military bases hidden in the mountains, or when leading your team to victory under a starry Siberian sky.

Is this the final stand or the beginning of a long cold war?


Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer (yea, the one that killed COD)

I know you have either seen or at least heard about this amazing trailer, it has pretty much obliterated COD’s latest blunder.


Who doesn’t like free games right?! Just make sure your Xbox Live account is active and ready to go on May 18th! Do let us know of any opinions on the comment section below!

Happy gaming you guys!


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