games with gold may 2016 include peggle, grid 2, defence grid 2 and costume quest

Free Games With Gold May 2016

Gamers, It’s time to rejoice!  Xbox Live has yet another awesome set of Free Games on offer with your Xbox Live Gold subscription (do feel free to pick up some combo deals on Xbox Live Gold).

After, you can also check out some Xbox games with 50%+  discount until May 2nd, there are some pretty awesome titles like Madden NFL 16 with a 67% discount available with your Xbox gold subscription.

Games with gold May 2016 on Xbox Live

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deals with gold games for april 2016 announced

Cheap Xbox Games You Can Pick Up With 50% Discount Until May 2nd 2016

Sure thing the PlayStation might have sold millions more of consoles than the Xbox One, heck, we’ll even accept that it has the strongest spects. But guess what? If there’s one thing Xbox Live Gold holders can be extremely proud of is the fact we get awesome games.

Yea we said it, even our Free games each month are epic in comparison to the titles PSN+ subscribers get… Let’s take a good look at some of the awesome discounted Xbox One games we’ll be finding on the Xbox store this week:

Pick up these cheap Xbox game titles with over 50% discount

cheap discounted games with gold may 2016

Please note that if the title has a DWG (Deal With Gold) label in front of it then once you visit the link you won’t see the price discounted, but once you log in into your Xbox live account (and you have your Xbox Live Gold subscription active) the game will show the discounted price stated below: Continue reading

cheap games on steam shooter games with more than 50%

5 Great Shooter Games On Steam With 50%+ Discount April 2016 Edition

Look, we all love video game deals, that’s a fact. One of our most searched pages in this blog talks about ways you can get free Xbox Live codes and people seem to love that (even though buying cheap Xbox Live Codes is always a better and easier way to do things)

Another thing I personally love is Reddit, I constantly use the platform to keep up with what’s going on in the game industry, heck, O even have figured out how to use Reddit to always find friends to play online games with.

Today I bring you a quick re-cap of some of the best video game deals that have appeared in this very active deals threat. I will make things easy for you and add some of my favourites in this article, but don;t forget these keep getting updated every minute pretty much! So yea, do keep up with Reddit if you want to stay ahead…

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Top 10 Accessories for Gamers Xbox, PS & PC

Unique and Out-of-the-‘Box’ Accessories for Gamers

Gaming is pretty fun and if you are reading this now, you know just how much enjoyment you can get out of it. Yet, there are a few things you can purchase to add to your system which will make a big difference while gaming.

Think about it like going to the movie theater vs watching a movie on a standard TV. We will be going over a few items we believe can help you enjoy your gaming experience even more.


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