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Destiny Rise of iron Release Date

20th September 2016

Destiny Rise of Iron Release Date

Destiny Rise of iron Release time and details

Coming on the 20th of September,Destiny Rise of iron will release on Xbox One and PS4 at 9:00am UTC.

For those with only a passing familiarity with Destiny, you will likely remember it as a game with a rocky start and, indeed, a rocky history. From a mid-development cycle do-over, to having to collect and read about the deeper lore and story in the form of Grimoire cards.

To the immersive and expansive experience that is Taken King. Most of all, to the addictive and (at times) blood boiling PVP; which has now caught the attention of the Major League Gaming (MLG) scene (see below).
Destiny has come a long way from its rough start.

To their credit, the former Halo and now Destiny developer, Bungie, did listen to the community and have been delivering noticeably improving expansions. With the first being The Dark Below, we were given missions and a six man raid.

With House of Wolves, we were given some more story missions, a 3 man, arena style challenge mode in the form of Prison of Elders and a new social space.

Then with Taken King, we were given the full treatment of CG Cinematics in story missions, which were immersive, and story driven, as well as a six man raid, a revamp of the missions system and countless other small improvements that further streamlined the experience.
Even now as I am writing this, as a sign of how far it has come, I am struggling to remember the early days of Destiny, and am surprised at how sparse it actually was when compared to the Destiny of 2016.
So now we come to Rise of Iron…

Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailer

Rise of Iron promises more story missions that will culminate in you becoming an Iron Lord, and fighting a new threat to the Last City, SIVA.

We’ll have to wait until the release to know precisely what this actually is, yet hints of rampant nanotechnology in screenshots…. A 6 man raid event, which only the strongest and coordinated teams will be able to handle, all for the promise of sweet, sweet loot.

The majority of Rise of Iron will take place in the Plague Lands, a new explorable area adjacent to the existing Cosmodrome area on earth. Along with yet another social space, the Temple of the Iron Lords on Felwinter Peak.
Along with the story comes the greatly anticipated addition to the PVP scene in the form of Private Matchmaking. With the very first use of this, featured at a Destiny invitational Major League Gaming Exhibition… could this be a sign of a new addition to MLG?

What you get, Just in Rise of Iron:

  • New Story Campaign & Quests
  • New Armor and Gear
  • New Weapons
  • New Raid
  • Maximum Light Increase
  • New Strike
  • New Plaguelands Zone & Social Space
  • New Crucible Mode & Maps
  • New Enemy Faction and Bosses”

Destiny: Rise of Iron GamePlay

A big shout out to our friend Arekkz Gaming for the awesome gameplayvides! Here, take a quick look at this awesome video of the gamplay you can expect in this upcoming release! Enjoy…

For those new to Destiny but thinking, “main game, expansions, expensive… plus I’ve missed the train for this ?.” Don’t worry:

Destiny is one of those games that have new players coming to it, and veteran players rolling new characters all the time, most of whom you’ll find to be friendly… unless in the crucible (PVP.)

As for the game, You can get all of it in 1 purchase as, Destiny the Collection, available on Xbox and PSN stores. Which you can buy and use our cheap Xbox Live Giftcards to get a lower price through the conversion… We also sell discounted PSN Plus cards, but these are for USA accounts only!

So edge your reputations, max out your marks and gear up to 335 guardians! It’s time to take up the mantle of those before you and join Lord Saladin as an Iron Lord!

We’ll see you star side Guardians! Let us know of your opinions in the comment section below.



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