Fall Out 4 Wasteland Workshop Official Trailer


It’s not secret we love Fall Out 4, we have already played the last expansion pack Fall Out 4 Automatron and we certainly loved that.

Heck, when asked to choose a video game for a sample video game review we had to produce, guess which game we chose?… yup Fall Out 4 was our main choice! Feel free to let us know if we did a good job on this video game review.

New Expansion Pack For Fall Out 4 Wasteland Workshop

fall out 4 wasteland workshop

This new instalment will be officially available for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on April 12 2016.

Make sure you get your Steam Wallet filled,  Xbox Live Gold subscription up to date and your PSN Plus card ready to rumble… it’s going to be special:

The official  Fall Out 4 Wasteland Workshop trailer

Fall Out 4 Wasteland Workshop Impressions

Of course it’s slightly early to be drawing too many conclusions just based on that video. That said, based on my  personal experience with the game I’ll tell you this:

After the story mode was completed, I have literally spent more time playing and improving my settlements more than anything else.

it might just be a very human thing, but managing to build entire societies within virtual worlds has to be one of the most satisfying activities gamers can engage in… for me at least!

Knowing that Bethesda have spend countless hours trying to improve this experience truly makes my gamer senses tingle… I can’t wait to see all the new toys and abilities they are providing for us to play around!

fall out 4 wasteland workshop expansion pack death claw fight

Plus the fact you can now capture the beasts from the wasteland and make your settlers face them for the entertainment of the masses should be incentive enough to at least check this expansion pack out. April 12th 2016 will be a very happy day!

What kind of constructions you think you can make? Just let us know in the comment section below 🙂


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