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Never Game Alone Again: Fail-Proof Ways To Find Other Gamers To Play With


Today’s post comes from a mixture for my love of Reddit and the hope that this might come handy to some of you gamers out there. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Steam gamer, Xbox Live members or PSN Plus simp[athither, sometimes all gamers suffer from the same issues…

There’s always going to be one of those days where you can’t find anyone online to play a round of your favorite game, all along knowing that playing solo would never be as enjoyable.Maybe you just want to find new friends to play a particular title…

The point is, I just wanted to show you all 2 very easy quick and easy ways to find friends online to play any video game. Here we go:

Use this easy website to find friends to play online

A really pleasant website to find friends online to play games with, PlayDate will certainly come handy to any lone-gamer out there.

The fact the information is easy to filter (based on location, language and gaming platform), makes the site a breeze. Props on the usability! It literally takes 2 seconds to find anyone in the UK who wants to play Xbox One games… Once the list updates, you can easily check out (and connect directly) with any gamer playing your favorite title:

find friends to play online

It takes 3 simple clicks to add a new playdate as well (just click the big + button on the left menu of the site), so never feel alone again! hehe there’s always someone waiting to hook up and kill stuff 🙂

Go to the source: Using Reddit to find gamer friends online

No post about finding like-minded people in a community would ever be written without mentioning  the queen mother of all internet communities… the front face of the internet.

If you are new to Reddit, do remember there are certain aspects of this community you need to know before adventuring into it, they are clearly explained in their rediquette section. Other than that, feel free to browse these communities during your free time, you surely will find other gamers to play your favorite game.

Here’s a list of some of the most useful subreddits to find new people to game with, I also added their description so you know what each of those communities are really about, hope it’s useful!

List of subreddits to find friends to play online

Welcome to /r/steamfriend!

The goal of /r/steamfriend is to have a friendly place where one can discover new people to play games with on Valve’s gaming client, Steam.

Looking for people to kick back and play games with? Need a competitive fireteam to take on others in Halo? You’ve come to the right place.


    If none of your RL friends are PC Gamers with the same gaming tastes as you – It’s sometimes pretty hard to find good people to play online with, especially with co-op games. Playing against random strangers can dull your competitiveness, making your online gaming less interesting.

    This subreddit is for those that wish to find like-minded gamers to play with and add to their Steam, Origin or Battlenet friend list.


Yup, there’s a million ways to find people online that share your same interests (well gaming predilection in this particular case), after all, that’s one of the main reasons the internet was created in the first place.

I think with the tools presented in this post, plus the huge help of the world’s most engaged online community you should never be too far from another gamer trying tp play the same title as you.

Do you have any other resources/tips you’d like to share with your fellow gamers? Just let us all know in the content section below.


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