Games with Gold April 2016

Free Games with Gold – April 2016


Here it is… Free Games with Gold April 2016

For the free game video trailers, check the bottom of the page.

Xbox has announced its ‘Free Games with Gold’ for the coming month of April. Xbox released two games for Xbox 360 and two games for Xbox One. If you’re wondering if the games for Xbox 360 can be played on Xbox One, then the answer is yes. The Xbox One has backwards compatibility enabling it to play 360 games.

Games with Gold – April – Xbox One

Starting with Xbox One, as of April you will be able to download The Wolf Among Us, which is retailed at $24.99. Then, starting on April 16-May15, you will be able to download Sunset Overdrive, which is retailed at $29.99.

Games with Gold – April –  Xbox 360

With older brother, Xbox 360, as of April 1 you can download Dead Space which is retailed at $14.99. This free download finishes April 15, so take advantage straight way. The second game which is downloadable on April 16 is Saints Row, retailed at $34.99.

Remember people, there is a difference between Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold. You will need an Xbox Live Gold to access these free games. Don’t pay full price for your Xbox Live Gold cards, there is no reason to! Every month, Xbox comes out with new games so be sure to check back with us around this time next month for yet another update.

Xbox One

Xbox 360




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