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Free PSN Codes How To Get Them & The Whole Truth About Them


NOTE: If you are from the UK you can buy cheap PSN codes for the UK here, if you are from the US then get your cheap PSN codes here.

The Truth About Finding Legit Free PSN Codes in 2017

We all like getting things for free, right? I know I have spent my time in the past searching Google for how to get free points, free money or free PSN codes! One of our most popular pieces in this blog is about getting Free Xbox Live Codes Online and all the downfalls of these said ‘Free Codes’.

However, such as most other things in life, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

It is possible to get free PSN codes online. But unfortunately, there are a LOT of scams going on in this niche and thousands of people a day are being victimized.

Hopefully, by explaining things truthfully – with zero nonsense – this blog will hopefully enlighten and prevent you from being scammed.

Skip to the working methods of getting Fee PSN codes online in case you don’t want to hear about all the ways you will be scammed by chasing free psn codes on random generator sites.

Free PSN Codes Online: Can I trust sites if they are ranked highly in search engines?

free code psn

Don’t think that a site is real, just because they are ranked at the top of search engines. This is the first psychological trick that scam artists use in small niches like this.

Scam artists have learned to use highly aggressive “churn and burn” link building strategies, to force their generator sites to the top of search engine rankings temporarily. I’ve seen the automated tools they use to do this.

PlayStation own opinion’s about Free PSN code generator sites

Basically, they know that their generator site will last, at most, maybe a few months before enough people complain and they get caught. Once they get caught they will just start over with a fresh domain name and it only takes them a couple of weeks to get ranked again. And usually they will have multiple sites running at once.

SCAM 1: Free PSN Code Generators & Hack Sites

You will see these sites EVERYWHERE – there are thousands of them.

Generally, these are sites will start out by promising that they can generate a PSN code out of thin air – or even hack the PlayStation servers.

The scam starts when you press a “Generate Code Now” button. The site will usually then display a live feed of the “Generation Progress”:

Contacting generator server…
Decoding encryption…
Accessing database…
Syncing code key…
Downloading with secure proxy…

Then the site will display an incomplete/blurred code and ask you to “prove you are human” or something similar. At this point it will ask you to complete one of a selection of offers, which are usually surveys or app downloads.

The owner of the site will make between $0.20 and $3 when you complete this offer. And obviously you will not receive your $20+ PlayStation code.

These sites can be made to look VERY convincing, to feed on your wishful thinking. They may even have fake chatrooms with bots, or fake comments and reviews.

SCAM 2 – Free PSN Codes on Chain Link Sites

They are known as “chain link” sites, because they are a digital version of chain letters. But really, they don’t have an accepted name.

Basically, these are domains that are being warmed up, ready to become generator sites. Think of them as mini-scams before the main course.

When you arrive on one of these very simple looking sites, they will show you an incomplete/obfuscated PSN code that is “ready to be used”. The site will give you a referral link and tell you that you need to get 20 other people to click your referral link in order to unlock your code.

Usually, they will have a simple progress diagram that looks like a multi-stage checkout cart:

STEP 1: Share referral link
STEP 2: Get 20 clicks from unique visitors – You have 0/20 so far!
STEP 3: Reveal the rest of your free PSN code

Sometimes these sites will even have a database, so that they can give the illusion that they are really working and counting how many clicks you’ve received. Real referral programs have some genuine revenue source, and they don’t just count clicks, but measure actual conversions.

The whole purpose of these sites is to get you to waste your time spamming useless referral links everywhere. These back-links will boost the search rankings of the domain and, once it is ready, the scam artists will hatch it into a fully-fledged generator site.

The spam from these sites is unbelievable, because they are so viral. And they turn into endless chain letters that simply cannot be stopped by any mortal.

SCAM 3 – Interstitial Links

Often you will see generic spammers using the anchor text “DOWNLOAD FREE PSN CODE LIST” in their links, because they know this is just another super-attractive thing to click on.

These are often interstitial links that will lead to a full-page advert. You’ll then have to wait…. up to a minute…. until a skip button appears. For this the person who shared the link will make maybe $0.01 from you.

Often once you press skip you’ll probably be sent to yet another interstitial page, or even worse a generator site.

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Free PSN code

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Free PSN Codes Online WORKING METHOD 1 – Free Giveaways & Giveway Sites

There are a lot of YouTubers and people on social media that will do giveaways of PSN codes. The requirement to enter the giveaway will generally be that you subscribe to their channel, or follow them.

I’m not going to say that it’s impossible to win a giveaway from someone who is honest, but the odds are against you that it’s real. And even then, remember that you’re also competing with other entrants.

Your chances are higher if the giveaway is from a legitimate company, or someone with a very large social media presence that has a reputation they want to protect.

Look especially for giveaways where there is a track history of announcing winners, with links to the winners’ real social profiles. You can find a list of giveaways in the /r/giveaways subreddit.

Finding Free PSN codes in these giveaway sites

Because I don’t want to be wasting your time going through an endless list of posts in these large subreddits, I would like to show you a trick that works very well when finding Free codes inside this haystack of giveaways.

As with most things we want to find in the immense web, our little friend Google will play a major part in this procedure. I will teach you how to use advanced search parameters to save you time finding free PSN codes on the internet.

Once you have already chosen your target subreddit, copy it’s URL and head to

In the search field, enter the following sentence:

“PSN code site:”

Like So:

searching for free PSN codes online

By doing this you are telling Google to search for a specific keyword (‘PSN code’ in this case) in a particular website ( You can change your keyword in case you can’t find what you are looking for.

NOTE: You should always use the toolbar and select fresh posts at least from the past month. No need to get all excited about a 2-year-old giveaway is there?

I tried ‘PSN Codes’,  ‘PlayStation Giftcard’s, ‘PlayStation Codes’ without any success (the last giveaway from these particular products was from 2016).

No need to be giving up just yet, all this means if that we have to think just a bit harder as to what to search for, nothing is going to get between us and these free codes is there?!

So PSN specific free giftcards are not there, why don’t we try a more generic term see what we can come up with?

This is what you get when you repeat the step above with the KeyWord ‘giftcard’:

Now we are talking! Sure, not technically a PSN code, but if you get these you can simply just use them to go and purchase PSN codes from the store and still pay nothing.

Good gift cards to go after are the Visa gift cards and Amazon gifts cards as they are very common and you can easily use those to purchase PSN cards directly.

Actually, if you have a Visa giftcard I’ll invite you right now to check our cheap PSN codes right now because we do accept those 🙂

Do keep in mind you can use the method above to search any website/subreddit so if you can find anything on reddit/r/giveaways, here’s a short list of other subs where you might, just might score that free PSN gift card code you need so much:


Getting Free PSN Digital Codes Online WORKING METHOD 2: Points Sites

As I explained previously, when you complete an offer you’ll earn the site owner between $0.20 and $3.
Points sites work by giving you a chance to accumulate points, by completing offers. These sites are more sophisticated than generator sites and give you a genuine opportunity, to register an account and then earn the site owner enough that they can actually afford to send you a real working PSN code, purchased from an authorized seller.

You should note that offers don’t always convert. Actually, they convert on average about 10-50% of the time, depending on the offer and the country you live in. That’s the sad truth – I’m just being honest with you.

If you attempt to complete an offer with a proxy or with false information it will usually not convert either.

You should be aware that in many cases these codes will be US-only which means you will need a US PlayStation account in order for them to work. Many of them also offer cash payouts though with PayPal, etc.

Here’s a list of known working points sites, where you can earn free PSN codes:

If you live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Northern Europe or Australia you’re likely to see a lot of offers available on these sites.

Outside of these places there will be much less offers and they will be much harder to convert. In that case I recommend you look at using their referral programs.

These sites often have working referral programs that allow you to earn a lot of extra points, by bringing new users through referral links.

This is why you’ll see referral links to these sites often being spammed a lot on different websites. When you sign up the person that referred you earns an equivalent small percentage of your points.

How To Get Free PSN Codes WORKING METHOD 3: Asking For Codes, Or Exchanging Codes

Sometimes, for example, a person will receive a PSN code as a birthday present from a relative that they cannot use, or are no longer interested in.

Maybe their granny sent them a PSN code and didn’t know they own an XBOX instead. The code has already been purchased and cannot be returned.

In this case, you might be lucky enough to ask for a code, and actually have someone post a real one.

One of the best resources online is the popular website ‘reddit’. The /r/Psncodes subreddit is a great place to share PSN codes that you don’t want – so that someone can enjoy them!

You’ll need to be quick though!

The best way to get Free PSN Codes Online?

free psn codes

I’m sure by now you have come to the realization that getting “free” PSN codes, either is too problematic or simply unsafe. So, what can you do if you still want codes but don’t have the option to buy directly from Sony?

Well, I have great news for you! Your googling days are now over! You are a right where you need to be! has been a market leader in supplying PSN codes from many regions for many years now.

From UK to USA, Germany to Sweden, we have you covered!

All our codes are 100% genuine, and after payment is confirmed you will receive your code INSTANTLY!
Buying from us is perfect for those of you want to use a PSN account from a country different from your home region.

And to make your life even easier, to go along with your chosen PSN subscription, we also provide you with many PlayStation currency options to maximize your enjoyment!

So, why waste time searching for a quick fix which doesn’t exist, or slaving away clicking links hoping to build up enough ‘points’?! We are here to make your life easier, and fulfill your desire to play!


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