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Free Steam Codes: How To Get Free Steam CD Keys & The Truth About Steam Code Generators


So, you want Free Steam codes, but don’t  know where to get them? I bet you would LOVE to be able to get Free Steam digital codes online right now, no?

To quote a famous movie, “show me the money!”

But is it really possible to actually get Steam gift card codes for free? The answer is yes…but  this being the internet and all, we will warn you most of your efforts will go to waste and you might put your computer at risk…

You are always better off buying cheap Steam codes online than trying to find a free fix, but then again, sometimes you just don’t have the money!

Let me break things down for you. Here’s how to get Free Steam Wallet CodesOnline in 2017:

Are all Steam Code Generators SCAMS?

free steam code generator online

I can say this with no reservations whatsoever. If you’re on a “generator” site then you’re interviewing for the role of “victim”.
And I look forward to all the scam generator sites that will attempt to answer this topic, in order to get more victims to their sites. I suggest you report those users, if you feel that you have been deceived by them!!

They work by making huge promises…..

And then abandoning you once you have become the latest victim…..

Fact 1: It is impossible to “Generate” a gift code

Codes are actually IDs that reference a secure database of valid codes that are held by the company in question. They are like passwords, with a 10,000 trillion possibilities and only a few thousand right answers. Therefore generating them is utterly impossible.

Fact 2: It is also impossible to “Hack” a gift code

Some generator sites try to bypass this harsh reality by pretending that they somehow managed to hack into a company’s gift code database. If this did occur it would be a matter of hours before the company realised they had been hacked because people with genuine gift cards would complain. The company would shut down the database and issue a recall demanding receipts.

Fact 3: Gift card “Generator” sites are ILLEGAL

These sites are utterly illegal. Don’t worry though, because you won’t be prosecuted for using these sites – you’ll just be scammed by the site owner.

Fact 4: Generator sites never make the owner more than $2 per visitor

Usually they will ask you to complete a survey to “prove you are human” or some other excuse. This is the entire objective of the site. They will make $0.25 – $2 from you completing the offer. Then they will leave you hanging with your underpants showing.

Note that the $1 they get from you will never be enough to give you the $20 gift card that they promised you.

Points Sites – The Alternative Sites That Work. There are sites that will give you a Free Steam gift code for real.

These sites are much more sophisticated and are able to count up how many offers you’ve completed using points. Once you have enough points you’ll be able to claim a real gift card code that you’ve actually earned.

In other words: you complete $30 worth of offers and they will send you a $20 gift code.

Here’s my top list of giveaways sites for Free Steam Key Codes that work: – Earn Points, Claim Free Gift Cards! – Easily the best site for earning gift codes. I personally have earned many codes from them and they have always been 100% reliable with me. They also pay cash to your PayPal or Bitcoin so it’s really great.

Paid Surveys – Make Free Money Online | PrizeRebel – Also fairly good but their offers tend to give points much less often than PointsPrizes. I would say they are a decent alternative to PointsPrizes though.

Put cash back in your wallet with Swagbucks! – Another good site that might be worth a try. I have only managed to earn one code from them but it did work.

Basically, the trick is to make sure that the site you’re using has some way of earning the money to pay you a real gift card.

If you don’t see any viable business model that could do that then you’re looking at a generator site and you should move on.

GUARANTEED METHOD to get Free Steam Codes CD Keys!!!

Free steam codes how to get them

I’m sure by now you have come to the realization that getting “free” Steam codes, either is too problematic or simply unsafe. So, what can you do if you still want codes but don’t have the option to buy travel to a store online that sells Steam codes?

Well, I have great news for you! Your googling days are now over! You are a right where you need to be! has been a market leader in supplying Steam codes in Euro or Dollar many years now.

All our Steam gift cards are 100% genuine and guaranteed to work, if you encounter any problems our friendly customer support staff are there to assist you 24/7.

After payment is confirmed, you will receive your code instantly, so you can top up your account, or even gift to someone else!
Shhhh it’s ok! No need to thank us! Thank YOU for being so awesome, and reading and shopping with us 🙂


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