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Free Xbox Live Codes All There’s Is To Know About Them


The deeper I get into digital marketing, the more I realize just how much this statement remains true: People love free stuff.

In case this is your first time visiting, liveards.co.uk specializes in selling Xbox Live codes, PSN Plus credit and other types of giftcards and digital currency. A question that constantly keeps coming to us is Free Xbox Live codes and how to get them…

Are there actually any legitimate ways to get free codes for your Xbox live? The answer (as with most things on the internet) is Yes.

That said, because we are talking about the internet, there are plenty of things to also watch out for. On this week’s post we’ll go through some of the main ways you can get legitimate free codes for your Xbox live, hope it proves helpful:

Free codes from Microsoft

Microsoft logo for Xbox one

Why not start at the source, right? So it happens, you will get a Free Month Xbox Live code when signing up for a Microsoft live account… There are actually 2 ways of doing so:

1 – Create a new Xbox account to get 1 Month Free Trial for Xbox Live

  1. After you create a Microsoft account, sign in to the Subscriptions page.
  2. Select Gold – 1 Month FREE Trial, and then click Next.
  3. Click Add a credit card.
  4. Enter your billing information, and then click Next.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the sign-up process.

Some extra notes on activating your 1 month free trial from Microsoft:

  • The Xbox Live Gold trial membership is associated with a single gamertag.
  • Only three trial accounts are available per console. After a user has created three trial accounts on their console, they no longer receive a message that provides the opportunity to create an Xbox Live Gold trial account.
  • Make sure that your country/region is correct in your billing information when you sign up for this offer.
  • Please make sure you are careful to cancel your membership before the first month expires or you run the risk of the trial changing into a paid subscription (which will be deducted monthly if you are not careful)

2-Activate your Xbox Live Gold account for a 1 Month Free Trial

Ok, this option works for those gamers that have a Xbox live account but have never activated their Xbox Live Gold subscription (if you have done so in the past, I am sorry to tell you, you won’t be able to access this option).

You will get an extra free month on the Xbox Gold thanks to this, let’s see what the procedure is to get this going.

Check whether you can get this free trial:

  1. Sign in to the Subscriptions page.
  2. If you’re eligible for a free trial, you’ll see Gold – 1 Month FREE Trial as a subscription offering. Select Gold – 1 Month FREE Trial, and then click Next.
  3. If prompted, add a payment option to your account. If you already have a payment option on file, you can use that.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the sign-up process.

Please keep in mind that after this first Free Trial month, the subscription will auto-renew and start charging you unless you deactivate the subscription.

You can read about how to do this on the original post by Microsoft in the following link.

Reddit giveaways threads and free live codes
using reddit to get free codes for the xbox

It’s no secret I love Reddit, I have made entire posts just based on people’s comments on the platform. After all, where will you get a more engaged community of content curators?

So it happens, there is a particular subreddit created for the sole purpose of giving away Box Live Codes.

Sure, you will notice quickly (I don’t think this should come to you as a surprise either) that most of the posts are [Requests] rather than actual giveaways. But this doesn’t mean you might, just might, get lucky one of these days!

I would probably suggest you follow a few subreddits related to Xbox as you never know what kind of benevolent strangers hang out in the Reddit community. Here’s one of those lovely beings giving away 2 weeks of Gold in exchange for a good joke.

Xbox related Subreddits were you could find giveaways:

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxlivetrials
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxLiveGold/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxlive/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/contest (technically not about Xbox in particular but it does have a lot of giveaways)

Free codes do exist for a limited period of time

free codes give away by livekaarten.nl

Past Offer for Livekaarten.nl (our official Dutch site) offering free game codes in exchange for email address

Redeeming ‘Free Codes’ through websites can under certain circumstances be acceptable. After all, there are a number of online retailers that do indeed offer good service and will take care of your information.

Of course it’s sometimes difficult to tell a website honestly offering a deal VS a site trying to get something from you (or damage your computer by loading some malicious software for that matter!)

Sadly, we at livecards.co.uk aren’t offering any Xbox live codes as giveaways for the time being (Though if you live in The Netherlands you can get a free gaming chair if you are lucky enough).

That doesn’t mean you can’t (though you shouldn’t if you want to remain 100% safe online) find good sites near you that offer giveaways and sweepstakes. Here’s a pretty efficient way of doing so, all you need to try it out is Google and a bit of patience.

Finding a website that gives free giveaways through Google

I wouldn’t particularly take part in these giveaways, sure the site organizing them could be kind enough not to Spam you back after you have given up your personal information in exchange for a ‘giveaway’.

Please let’s make one thing clear here: I personally wouldn’t try any of the websites, but since many people are willing to take some risks for their ‘free fix’ I will talk a bit about this type of free Xbox codes:

First things first, let’s find out websites that like to give away free gifts to their users. Let’s type the following into Google “gamer giveaways ” which will provide you with a nice list of website/communities that have a high chance of having exactly what we seek: Free Xbox Live Codes

NOTE: If you need to specify a country to do your search i.e you only want results/websites from a particular location/country to show up, you need to modify the search to include the advanced search command site:.TLD

Like so:

finding giveaway sites for free xbox live codes using google

Here’s a quick list of some  giveaway sites for gamers:

  • giveawaybase.com/
  • www.sweepsadvantage.com
  • https://bestfreegiveaways.wordpress.com/
  • www.loottracker.com
  • http://www.gamephd.com/free-xbox-live-codes-giveaway/

Searching for free Xbox Live codes in sweepstake/giveaway sites

There’s a pretty efficient way to do so, all you need to do in order to try it out is Google search it and have a bit of patience. For digital giveaways (like game codes and digital gift cards) location doesn’t really matter as these products can be given away globally.

Let’s go to the biggest search engine in the world and use an advanced search query based on this structure:

Keyword site: www.anysite.com

By putting a search query in this format we’ll be telling Google to search for our keyword inside a single site. Here’s an example searching the Keyword ‘Xbox’ in the giveaway website www.sweepsadvantage.com

Using advanced search in google to find free xbox livecodes

Please note you must change the filters in the search so that it only shows the most recent results (you don’t want to see old giveaways that already finished). As you can see from the picture above, all you have to do is click ‘Search tools’ and select an appropriate time period from the ‘Any time’ tab (I chose  ‘Past Month’ in the example above).

In this particular case, the second result already looks promising. 12 months free Gold giveaway that has been active only for about 2 weeks, you actually got a chance to win this one!

I also tried the keyword ‘giftcard’ with pretty good results as I realized many of these sites commonly giveaway amazon credit (which can easily be used to purchase a ‘Free’ Xbox gift card of Gold subscription of your linking).

Check out what happens when I put the search command into Google:

finding free giftcards on the internet using google

Free Xbox Live code generators

Look, you might come across a website posing as  a code generator, and if you try it you might just might get a code that works… but it wasn’t generated by that website!

The ultimate truth is that most free code generators online are a scam.

what a free gamecode generator looks like for the Xbox One

Codes are only activated once purchased

If your code is not activated, it will never work on the console, codes are only activated (Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money perfecting this system) once PURCHASED.

Which means that if you go to one of these code generators and get a code that works, that code was purchased at some point from Microsoft, it was never ‘generated’ by some crappy online script. And that’s a fact.

You might get lucky and find a tool that provides good codes for a short period of time (the people responsible for such generator probably bought codes through stolen credit card information, activated and use them for promotion of that page by promising ‘free’ codes), but then again:

Codes must be activated, so someone is losing money in this transaction (Microsoft can indeed tell is codes are genuine or not)… codes might seem ‘free’ but they are not.

Once the people that created the page get enough traffic/PR (from people giving them links and mentions for all the ‘free’ codes) the codes will run out.

You can keep hoping and trying to get these ‘free codes’, generally they involve more trouble and pain than free game play.

Most of the supposed generators you will find will be scams to try and sucker cheapskate adults and desperate little kids into doing anything from endless surveys to downloading trojan/virus files or information-stealing software…

Conclusion on the best way to get free Xbox Live codes

I hope that one way or another I’ve managed to show most free codes aren’t actually free. Whether giving up some personal information or having to complete a survey in order to get your code. There’s always a catch  (free code generators could even damage your computer).

Hell, if you are really desperate for a free code that you don’t mind wasting some time (and risking a bit of damage to your PC) do feel free to go through this month’s Youtube suggestions on how to get a free code for your Xbox live (watch and follow these videos at your own risk!)

Let’s talk about solutions

The best option (and what I recommend gamers to do) is to stop chasing the ‘free’ fix… not too sure how to keep reminding people you get what you payed for. This doesn’t mean you cannot get good prices for codes however! Here’s your solution:

  1. Head to a shop that sells live codes, Ebay & Amazon will work fine. Personally (I got fake codes from an eBay seller before) I would recommend you to buy from our shop (especially if you are an European gamer ) https://livecards.co.uk/. You can read up on all the advantages of purchasing from this type of retail websites.
  2. Look into their combo deals. Most subscribers will  buy something like this cheap 26 month xbox live subscriptions. It is made up of 2x 13-month gold subscription.
  3. Make the math: you are getting 26 months for 87,95 Euro, this is pretty much 3.38 euro a month for a real gold subscription. Not free, but certainly a good deal and 100% guaranteed to work.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any recommendations as to how we can improve the article! Do you know a legit source of Free Codes? Just let us know and we’ll include it 🙂


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