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battlefield 4 for free on may 18 2016

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Free for Xbox Live Gold members on May 18th 2016

Oh Hells yes! In preparation for the launch of Battlefield 1 our lovely friends at Xbox have decided that on May 18th 2016 Battlefield 4: Final Stand  will be Free for Xbox Live Gold members. 

A brave Redditor told the world about this amazing happening in this Imgur post right here.

So get a Xbox live subscription right now, we are actually having some special combo deals that you might find interesting (the price comes to around 2.88 Euro a month for your Gold subscription).

Battlefield 4: Final stand  Free On Xbox Live, watch the trailer now

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what a free gamecode generator looks like for the Xbox One

Free Xbox Live Codes All There’s Is To Know About Them

The deeper I get into digital marketing, the more I realize just how much this statement remains true: People love free stuff.

In case this is your first time visiting, specializes in selling Xbox Live codes, PSN Plus credit and other types of giftcards and digital currency. A question that constantly keeps coming to us is Free Xbox Live codes and how to get them…

Are there actually any legitimate ways to get free codes for your Xbox live? The answer (as with most things on the internet) is Yes.

That said, because we are talking about the internet, there are plenty of things to also watch out for. On this week’s post we’ll go through some of the main ways you can get legitimate free codes for your Xbox live, hope it proves helpful:

Free codes from Microsoft

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