playstation virtual reality set announced to come out in october 2016

The Future Of Gaming: PlayStation Is In Big Time, Virtual Reality Set Release Date Confirmed


Since selling PSN Plus Cards, Xbox Live Subscriptions and Steam Cards is our daily objective, it follows we keep up with the technological developments of the industry we love (and depend upon for our survival!). This week, one of our favorite topics, other than indie games that is, made some headlines again: Virtual Reality is back on the map and is Sonny who has something to say about it…

Sonny reminds us all of the impending change of Paradigm that is quickly approaching the gaming industry

Sure, there has been quite the talk about virtual reality taking over many aspects of our life, gaming (of course) been a main point of focus in the discussion.

Still,  things become a lot more real when the industry giants are providing actual release dates for these futuristic products. This week proved to be one of those memorable moments in history as we finally get a definite release  date & price for the release os Sonny’s VR set.

PlayStation, well, Sonny’s president Mr Andrew House to be more specific, has officially announced October 2016 is the month you will be able to buy a  PlayStation VR set for 399 USD, 399 EUR (screw conversions rates right?) which happens to be the  equivalent to 44,980 Yen ( which comes to around 131.769 USD as of today March 16th 2016).

That’s technically still a bargain considering the official prices of both the Oculus Rift.

Sonny’s official announcement release date for PlayStation VR

Published on Mar 17, 2016

In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games. Do you agree with my list of the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games? Do you disagree with my list of the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games? Comment your thoughts on the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games!

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What does this mean for the future of gaming

Quite possibly I would like to highlight this parts of the speech, for it truly reminds us just how close we are to the new age in gaming:

For over 2 decades  we have aspired to take gaming somewhere greater and we believe virtual reality is the next step in that journey, it will usher-in a entirely new era of gaming.

I couldn’t agree more either, it has become an obvious path for Xbox and Nintendo as well, after all, it remains an unexploited format that promises to turn gaming into a truly engaging, immersive experience. The holy grail of  the gaming industry (yes, marketers also… but that issue  is for another discussion on how VR will affect our lives)

Ultimately, our main concern as gamers should surround one questions: How good will these new games be?

PlayStation Virtual Reality Games in Production

Eve: Valkyrie

One of the most anticipated VR releases is Eve: Valkyrie. In this action game, you are in control of a heavily armed and powerful fighter ship. Using the VR headset, you will be able to view 360 degrees to ward off and fight other enemies buzzing through the skies. Fight with your team in multiplayer but be sure your team has some diversity in its ships. Some ships come with heavy armor and big guns while others can zoom past you before you even know it. Click here to check out the game play.


Bang! You wake up to find yourself with no memory as to what happen and inside a space station. You are the lone survivor with a handful of challenging task ahead of you if you plan to survive.
Unless you have a couple hundred thousand dollars to blow for a quick trip to space, this game really gives you the feeling of being isolated in space. Some people compare it to the recent blockbuster Gravity. Go ahead; check out the game here on YouTube.

Robinson: The Journey

You have just crash-landed on an unknown planet. You wake up to find some pretty crazy things going on… such as dinosaurs running around in a deep, thick rainforest. The rules of the game are simple: survive! You are accompanied by an AI bot which follows and helps you throughout the game. It will be pretty amazing to see VR with the old dinosaurs combined with the new AI bots in the same picture. Check out the opening scene to Robinson: The Journey.

Check Out this really good video showing some of the video games coming out for the PS VR you should be looking forward!

Other Virtual Reality Games Already In existence

I don’t even want to get too deep into the possibilities that future consoles bring to the table. There already exist plenty of examples of Virtual reality been used up in the coolest ways in video games, I mean, look what happens when you mix VR with these titles…

Alien, it will absolutely terrorize you

Ok so I went looking around some of the coolest games in VR  for 2016 and decided to pick some of the ones that made a bigger impact on me, again, there are plenty more being announced on the daily… and now:

Ok, if that video is not the worst nightmare you could have had during your childhood is because you are probably too young to remember what Alien the movie did to kids growing up in the 90’s. That’s cool though, the people from oculus Rift really want to ensure they scare the crap out of you regardless of the generation you were born in, I present to you…

Slenderman VR

If you are like me then you love how the internet can develop their own heroes, villains and myths, though technically the story of the slender man goes back before internet times, it has been through forums and communities online that this scary being has regained a big following.

Things can only improve for this mythological being now that he is getting his own VR adventure, be prepared, for you will get scared…

The horizon is indeed looking endless for the possibilities game developers will have now that we are expanding into a whole different real, I guess a great way to close this article is to show you what I think to be one of the most promising titles coming to VR (hopefully) this year.

Though technically announced as  ‘A Cinematic Virtual Reality Experiment’ (still kick ass) I present to you…

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine VR – TRAILER

Minecraft VR

Well of course! Even the virtual world wouldn’t be the same with one of the most popular titles ever created to be the one of the first ones to confirm a VR version (I also wanted to show you something that wasnt particularly scary).

They have already announced the title will be available for Oculus Rift (nothing has been said about a PlayStation VR version) s things are loooking really good for the Minecraft crowd…


There’s no doubt the future of the gaming industry is within the virtual world. There has never existed something as engaging or immersive as to what the new generations of VR gear can offer. With Oculus rift and PlayStation VR set a reality is up to the game developers to start pumping time resources and money into developing the next generation of  games.

We at couldn’t be happier, all this means to us is more cools stuff to write about and play with… Kinda looking forward  to it already! (Or it could be an absolute flop and  go no where, bu hey! only time will tell in these cases)

What about you guys? What makes you the most excited about the new developments in Virtual Reality? Any particular games you’d like to play with your VR gear?

Just let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Any particular VR title that you are looking forward the most?


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