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playstation 4.5 is more of an upgrade than a new console

Sony’s new console the PlayStation 4.5 NEO

It has been a great year for Sony, as the irrefutable champion of consoles, they do have a lot to be happy about. The have also set themselves up in a good position for the next big trend in video gaming, Sony’s VR set is indeed very promising.

Is Sony releasing a new console in 2016?

Ok, in reality, the much talked about PlayStation 4.5 NEO is more of an upgrade (with 4k capabilities)  than an entirely new console. Sony has kept rather quiet, omitting to reveal many details regarding their new machine. What we do know however is this:

PS NEO Specs:

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Top 10 Accessories for Gamers Xbox, PS & PC

Unique and Out-of-the-‘Box’ Accessories for Gamers

Gaming is pretty fun and if you are reading this now, you know just how much enjoyment you can get out of it. Yet, there are a few things you can purchase to add to your system which will make a big difference while gaming.

Think about it like going to the movie theater vs watching a movie on a standard TV. We will be going over a few items we believe can help you enjoy your gaming experience even more.


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