free games with gold july 2016

Games with Gold July 2016


They had us all a bit worried for being late but it’s okay now as free Games with Gold has returned for the month of July. For those who are not familiar with this process, every month Xbox gives out 4 free games for download: 2 free games for your Xbox 360 and 2 free games on Xbox One.

Don’t forget these benefits only apply to Xbox Live Subscribers, if you are not so sure what this is, make sure you read on all the benefits of Xbox Live. In any case, check out some of our cheap Xbox Live Gold Codes, we even have special offers on this 26 month Xbox Live Gold and 12 Month Xbox Live for £39

The Free Games with gold for July 2016 were Officially Announced By Major Nelson


Free games with Gold for the XboxOne

games with gold for xbox one july 2016

The Banner Saga 2 available with games with gold

This fun strategy title normally has a price of 19.99 at the official Xbox Store. If you have an active Xbox Live subscription, you will be able to download the game for FREE during the entire month of July. You can take a quick look at this trailer in case you’d like to know a bit more about the game before downloading it:

Tumblestone free to download on July 16th, 2016

Starting from July 16th to August 15th, Tumblestone will be free to download to all of those subscribers with an active Xbox Live Gold. In case you need a couple more details before downloading, you can check the following information about this puzzle video game:

Free Xbox games with gold for the Xbox 360

Remember that if you are an XboxOne owner, thanks to backwards compatibility, you will be able to play all of these games as well as the two titles mentioned before, kinda cool eh? Let’s see what we get this July with Games with Gold for the Xbox 360

TC’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 free to download during July with games with gold

Though it generally costs 19.99 to experience this first person shooter. During the entire month of July 2016 you will be able to download this title with games with gold. Let’s take a quick look at some game dynamics

Tron: Evolution is available for free download during July

Will cost you 14.99 any day at the Xbox store, but it will be free during the entire month of July with your Xbox Live Gold.

Hands down my favourite one of the bunch this month! I always felt this title wasn’t as appreciated as it should have been. It’s sequel is for sale really cheap on this year’s Steam Summer sale, so I’m certainly happy I get to download this version on my Xbox for Free! Looks I’ll get to experience the Tron franchise quite closely these upcoming weeks.

Here’s a trailer for Tron: Evolution

Here’s some video game play for Tron: Evolution

Thank you Youtube user TheMediaCows for the guides and walkthroughs, do subscribe to their channel they are indeed useful!

Conclusion Games with Gold July 2016

Though some months are better than other for the Xbox Live Gold selection, having Tron: Evolution in this list kinda makes it worthwhile for me already.  Plus I still can’t get over the fact we got Sunset OverDrive for free in the past… That alone has been more than enough to justify my Xbox Live Gold subscription. Make sure you get your own Xbox Live Gold in case you aren’t ripping the benefits yet.

What do you think? Like the game selection this month? Just let us know on the comment section below.


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