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march 2016 games with gold

Games With Gold March 2016 Xbox Live Free Games

It’s official, the games with gold march 2016have been announced by our captain Major nelson. Here are 4 reasons to look forward to March…

The only problem you could face is not having an Xbox Live Gold membership, and people, do not pay more than you need to. Stay at home, get your discounts and enjoy your games. Click on the link above to get 12 months Live Gold discounted.

Free games with gold for Xbox One :

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment: Normally this title cost $29.99 but during the month of March it is yours free.

Lords of the Fallen: Generally $39.99 will be FREE during the month of March (March 16-April 15.)

Do keep in mind the following Xbox 360 titles can also be played on your Xbox one thanks to backwards compatibility. That is correct, Xbox One does get 4 free games a month.

xbox live games with gold march 2016

Free games with Gold for the  Xbox 360 March 2016

Supreme Commander 2: will be available at the Xbox store starting March 1 until March 15th.

On the 16th of March, you’ll get access to

Borderlands: From March 16th through March 31

NOTE: In case you are interested, we are offering Borderlands 2 for € 6.95 at our game codes online shop, if you like, visit is here.

Games With Gold March 2016: Here’s the official video

seo forr the game industry

SEO Video game Industry: My Personal Digital Marketing Journey Into

So the journey begins! As a digital marketer living in Thailand, I constantly look for opportunities to get links from websites around the globe. I just wanted to share some of the insights I have discovered while link building for The place to find cheap PNS Plus cards

As you all know (and if you don’t then it’s better if you finally learn about it) is that links are extremely valuable to your SEO. If you want your video game related website to rank in Google for your valuable keywords, you have got to keep link building as a high priority.

I’ve been learning a lot in the past weeks, it’s my first time in the video game niche so everyday I get to pick up a new trick! Also, never forget you have got to try a lot of things! You’ll ever know what works best for your business (which channel of traffic best represents your target audience)

I wanted to share with you some of the insights and resources I have found when link building for a video game retail eCommerce website.

Hope it is useful:

Business Directory Listings

As one of our SEO tasks, we found a great website that allows to submit your site to their index! We couldn’t be happier about this, we truly hope clients will start flooding in from here.

  • Oh Wow, we actually managed to do it again 🙂 This time we got listed here IT Listings

So now you know, submit your link to this business directory, it’s always good for your organic search results 🙂

Blog Submission Sites in The UK

Blog submission sites might have lost their authority lately in Google’s eyes, that however doesn’t mean they cannot bring good traffic or link building opportunities ( how do you know who will see your blog if you don’t eve submit it first?)
As usual though, research is important. After a quick advanced search to find all blog submission sites that have a .uk domain extension. To do this just go to Google and put exactly everything you  see in between the speech marks inside the search tool:

“submit blog”

like so…

advanced search term to find blog submission sites in the uk

  • The first option we went for was who were cool enough to provide us with the following badge:UK Blog Directory

Quite neat huh?

Giveaway websites

A new tool in my arsenal! Did you know that if you company offers sweepstakes and giveaways on the regular basis, you can get link for it?

  • That’s right! We just submitted our latest giveaway to a site where you can Giveaway at! Seriously, check them out it is a very valuable resource 🙂
  • Another Giveaway site I managed to submit our Netherlands exclusive sweepstake it a site called international giveaway blog, which as the name clearly indicates, do accept international giveaways (and it allowed you to specify the country restrictions). They gave us a nice badge which should entitle us  to a nice link back.

  • And we do it again! I found yet another site that allows for submission of your sweepstake/giveaway , as expected, you are asked to give a link in exchange. Like the example above, the guys fromJust like the example above, the guys from competitions and giveaways in the UK, also ask to give them a link. Once done (you will have to submit the URL of the page where you embedded their link) your giveaway will be submitted to the site.

Video Submissions Sites:

I do consider myself rather lucky to have grown-up in Pattaya city Thailand, quite possibly one f the strangest places on earth. It did allow me to meet very interesting people! One of such individuals is RedMan, the iconic Pattaya prowler who created Pattaya channel (and who conveniently happens to be one of my best friends) and know a lot about video production.

Of course when the opportunity came to start making some video content (which you can submit to online site and acquire link in return) we jump right into.

The deal was that we’d provide a free sample of an experimental video game review for any title we chose. At the time, we were all (in particular our gamer expert who would be in charge of writing more technicals part of the copy/script) rather captivated by Fall Out 4.

It didn’t take much time until we decided to produce the following piece of content (do feel free to give us some honest  feedback on how to improve our shooting on the comment section below):