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Addicting Games: Here’s a List of 20 Titles That Will Get You Hooked!

Addicting games, what is it exactly that we mean when we talk about addictive games? Keep in mind that the factors that get people hooked of certain titles will of-course depend a lot on what type of gamer you are. Different people will always be attracted to different things.

In the past we have gotten a bit more specific by finding a pretty lengthy list of older and free addictive games for you to try. I’ve made you another list, but it will be much more generic.

I’ve pretty much included my own personal favourites as well as few others that were suggested to me by friends and the web… So you will notice quite the diversity here, from mobile games, going through some of the newest hits as well as some of the most famous classic. Continue reading

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Marketing Games the Easy Way: Black Shell Media A Turn Key Solution To Most Indie Developers Problems

It is certainly not the first time I remind you how much we love, respects and support the indie game community and the talented indie devs that make these lovely games happen.

One thing that we have learned from talking to some very talented indie game developers is the fact that nothing is easy in this industry, especially when it comes to marketing games, promoting and growing your audiences!

Coming up with new game ideas and coding is just the very first step in a long road towards a successful title…

Enter Black Shell Media, marketing games doesn’t have to be difficult!

Don’t worry! That’s exactly when the guys from Black Shell Media come in. I didn’t even know about them until last week when I was searching a blog post and I came across their ebook on resources for Indie Game developers.

I was rather impressed with the quality of the text and information included inside. It was obvious these guys know what they were talking about. Further investigation just confirmed my initial thought. Their partners, practices and experience is something I couldn’t pass.

Couple of emails later I got the chance to talk with Raghav Mathur on of the founders of this awesome company. Continue reading

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We Interviewed an Indie Game Developer And What He Had To Say Was Very Inspiring

Though we generally write about mainstream consoles and video game titles, the gaming industry is much bigger than that. Indie games, which are sold on all mobile platforms through Google Play, Itunes store and increasingly on both PNS & Xbox Live store…

Independent games are amazing. I’m constantly surprised by the creativity, ingenuity and sheer work that goes into creating an indie title, and that was even before I got to interview  Alex Founder of Wall West and creator of the indie game club.

Apart from being a coding coach and ensuring the next generation of developers are up to speed, he is also a hard working indie game developer with a plan. He wants indie developers to unite under the banner of his newly created Indie Game Club.

Collaboration in the independent games industry

Collaboration does eventually lead to innovation, so it’s certainly promising to see developers in the industry applying this principle. Inevitably, it all leads to better video games for all of us. Continue reading