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We Interviewed an Indie Game Developer And What He Had To Say Was Very Inspiring

Though we generally write about mainstream consoles and video game titles, the gaming industry is much bigger than that. Indie games, which are sold on all mobile platforms through Google Play, Itunes store and increasingly on both PNS & Xbox Live store…

Independent games are amazing. I’m constantly surprised by the creativity, ingenuity and sheer work that goes into creating an indie title, and that was even before I got to interview  Alex Founder of Wall West and creator of the indie game club.

Apart from being a coding coach and ensuring the next generation of developers are up to speed, he is also a hard working indie game developer with a plan. He wants indie developers to unite under the banner of his newly created Indie Game Club.

Collaboration in the independent games industry

Collaboration does eventually lead to innovation, so it’s certainly promising to see developers in the industry applying this principle. Inevitably, it all leads to better video games for all of us. Continue reading