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Marketing Games the Easy Way: Black Shell Media A Turn Key Solution To Most Indie Developers Problems


It is certainly not the first time I remind you how much we love, respects and support the indie game community and the talented indie devs that make these lovely games happen.

One thing that we have learned from talking to some very talented indie game developers is the fact that nothing is easy in this industry, especially when it comes to marketing games, promoting and growing your audiences!

Coming up with new game ideas and coding is just the very first step in a long road towards a successful title…

Enter Black Shell Media, marketing games doesn’t have to be difficult!

Don’t worry! That’s exactly when the guys from Black Shell Media come in. I didn’t even know about them until last week when I was searching a blog post and I came across their ebook on resources for Indie Game developers.

I was rather impressed with the quality of the text and information included inside. It was obvious these guys know what they were talking about. Further investigation just confirmed my initial thought. Their partners, practices and experience is something I couldn’t pass.

Couple of emails later I got the chance to talk with Raghav Mathur on of the founders of this awesome company.

(If you’re interested in checking out some of the main factors why Black Shell Media can assist in giving a helping hand making your indie game a success, then see below! If not you can skip directly to their interview with

A quick look into Black Shell media services for marketing games for independent game studios

We’ve published over 65 titles, shipped over 1.1 million copies of games worldwide, and have business partnerships with Valve, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Logitech, Alienware and many more companies.

Marketing Games with black shell media all past partners Interview with Raghav Mathur Co-founder of Blackshell media


1-How is it possible for such a small team to be able to hold such influence? Is truly amazing, I’d certainly like to know a little more about how you go about achieving that!

We are definitely a small team but we are very organized with how we work. People often get intimidated tackling projects as large as growing a fanbase or doing huge marketing campaigns, but if you stay communicative, organized and set clear goals, it’s really not that bad. We love what we do and are willing to put in extra hours, which never hurts!

2-What is the most common problem indie game studios/developers approach you about?

Hmm…good question! Probably that they didn’t start marketing early enough. I always recommend games come to us as early as possible so we can start building up hype as early as possible. If you wait until launch day to start marketing and PR, you’re going to panic and come to us flustered and confused. We will do what we can but we can’t expect the same success we could if you had come to us a few weeks or months before!

3-Is there a particular quality check you put games/studios through before deciding to partner up?

Definitely. We look at five factors for games before we publish them: Idea, Polish, Marketability, Fit and Developer. The concept and overall mission behind the game (idea) is super vital as it indicates how quickly we can hook players and journalists on the game. How polished, visually and gameplay wise, a title is (polish) is indicative of how the public will receive it. The graphical style, thematic elements and overall appeal (marketability) tell us how well we’ll be able to push the game out. Whether or not the game will fit in our portfolio (fit) is important as we are truly a family of developers and creators here at Black Shell Media. And finally, we are starting a partnership, so the motivation and personality of the developer (developer) is key!

4-I noticed you guys have a lot of work in the Steam community, do you also help indie devs grow their reach on the other major platforms like the PSN/ Xbox?

We are working on it! We have a few titles heading to Xbox One and PS4 soon. I can’t say too much, but keep an eye out! 😉 We do have connections at both places though, and developers who work with us do have those opportunities.

Meet the team at Black Shell Media

black shell media team of expert digital marketer

5-How is virtual reality affecting the indie game industry? Do you see more studios moving towards this new technology?

I think the hardware and devkit limitations are holding indies back for now. If you’re Sony and play with multimillion dollar budgets, it’s relatively easy to roll out and get a team working on it. For an indie, where spending $2-3K on a devkit and a machine that can support it is a huge financial burden, it’s more difficult. The playerbase you can reach is also super niche right now. Once it becomes more accessible I think it’ll be a much bigger craze.

6-Any particularly successful project you would like to share with us? You know people love success stories!

Zombie Party was developed by Ben James, a graphic designer by trade, who taught himself GameMaker and drew the pixel art mostly alone. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky and when we met him we helped him get on Steam and reach an enormous audience. We flew him out to San Francisco last December (2015) for a convention we showed his game off at, and after a year in Early Access, during release week we sold as much as we did in the entire Early Access year!

8-In case some of the devs in our audience want to get in touch, which is the best way to do so?

You can reach me by email at [email protected] or on Twitter: @xinasha!

Thanks so much for reading. Happy development!


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