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Xbox Play Anywhere – 1 platform, 2 systems

xbox play anywhere

Microsoft Announces Xbox Play Anywhere

For all you gamers saying that Microsoft needs to step up their game, well now they have! Introducing Xbox Play Anywhere, a new way gamers can buy and play games.

Microsoft has announced cross-buy and cross-play, meaning that every time you purchase a game, you will have the ability to play that game with your Xbox or for Windows 10 under a single purchase. The first game which is scheduled with Xbox Play Anywhere is ReCore, and it looks pretty Continue reading

reddit e3 game reactions 2016

Reddit E3: What The Front Page Of The Internet Thinks About 2016’s E3

Look, is no secret I love Reddit and it’s community… well except the PS4 community lol for some reason those guys are rather hateful gamers! Or maybe just too strongly opinionated for my taste.

Whatever it is, is one of the most active and largest communities of gamers in existence. Multiplatform gamers from across the globe join together daily to share their opinions, discoveries, achievements and (of course) criticism of the gaming industry.

As a blogger for is my job to write about the E3, after all, gaming event’s do not get larger than this. Of course this is also the job of every single video-game blogger out there…

In an attempt to make this slightly more interesting, I went to the source itself. I wanted to show you the most upvoted posts on Reddit about 2016’s E3.

This should give us a good idea what the community feels about the incoming flood of new titles and consoles.

Let’s get down to it!

The best E3 games according to Reddit’s reaction  

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playstation 4.5 is more of an upgrade than a new console

Sony’s new console the PlayStation 4.5 NEO

It has been a great year for Sony, as the irrefutable champion of consoles, they do have a lot to be happy about. The have also set themselves up in a good position for the next big trend in video gaming, Sony’s VR set is indeed very promising.

Is Sony releasing a new console in 2016?

Ok, in reality, the much talked about PlayStation 4.5 NEO is more of an upgrade (with 4k capabilities)  than an entirely new console. Sony has kept rather quiet, omitting to reveal many details regarding their new machine. What we do know however is this:

PS NEO Specs:

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deals with gold games for april 2016 announced

Cheap Xbox Games You Can Pick Up With 50% Discount Until May 2nd 2016

Sure thing the PlayStation might have sold millions more of consoles than the Xbox One, heck, we’ll even accept that it has the strongest spects. But guess what? If there’s one thing Xbox Live Gold holders can be extremely proud of is the fact we get awesome games.

Yea we said it, even our Free games each month are epic in comparison to the titles PSN+ subscribers get… Let’s take a good look at some of the awesome discounted Xbox One games we’ll be finding on the Xbox store this week:

Pick up these cheap Xbox game titles with over 50% discount

cheap discounted games with gold may 2016

Please note that if the title has a DWG (Deal With Gold) label in front of it then once you visit the link you won’t see the price discounted, but once you log in into your Xbox live account (and you have your Xbox Live Gold subscription active) the game will show the discounted price stated below: Continue reading

rocket league hoops out and available for download

Rocket League Hoops Officially Out

That’s correct my fellow gamers! It is now officially time to rejoice for our friend from rocket league have just announced their hoops patch will be going out (according to your platform and region that is) today April 26th 2016.  You can also check out the Steam Page For the new patch

Here’s the official Rocket League Hoops tweet that has everyone at the edge of their seats.

Rocket league has been one of the most acclaimed and loved titles that have ever existed, fans across all consoles will swear with this cute title filled with fun. Continue reading