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This Is Why Gamers World Wide Are Hating On The Play Station Network


As one of the Uk’s biggest distributors of online gift cards,  game cards, Xbox live cards and many more online games , we are constantly listening to the gaming community to see what’s going on. And let us tell you something, people are rather angry at play Station for a couple reasons… and we are only one week into 2016!

Play Station Network is down in the first week of 2016

Less than a week has passed since hacker group Phantom squad threatened to ruin Christmas for all gamers, and though Xbox live is going strong, the Play Station Network is certainly showing some major issues.

Just a few hours ago,  Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Entertainment Inc, shared the following tweet reassuring hordes of angry gamers that:

Now, the company has nothing said regarding the reasons the network experienced problems, but we can all agree gamers are actively complaining. The fact Xbox live seems not to have been affected in the same way does make things more frustrating for PS users.

After last years hack-attacks, one would think this multi-million dollar company would have spent the time and resources needed to ensure users do not have to go through the same thing again… NOT!

The fact the company has failed to give actual reason for the down time also has anger gamers who have taken onto twitter and Facebook to express their growing frustration. Furthermore, Phantom Squad’s recent comments on social media kinda add fuel to the fire, do we really need to find out the truth from these guys?…

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Play Station Announces Free PS4 Games For January 2016, People Agree They Suck

Here’s the full list of titles Play Station is offering their PS4 network users:

  • Grim Fandango Remastered
  • Hardware: Rivals

Personally, I really enjoyed the Grim Fandango game when I was a teenager and would love to get a change to play it again. Would I be happy these titles are my reward for being such a loyal customer to sonny? Certainly not, specially when Xbox Gold Members get this awesome title as a new years present.

I’m also not alone in this either! Let me show you some of the funniest reactions I found online to the announcement, the comments come from Sony’s official Blog so take it as direct feedback to the tech giant from some pissed off customers:

users react to play station games announcement users react to PSN4 network free games play station network user feedback

For now, I would suggest people to relax and give the guys at PS one more chance, after all, 2016 is proving to be quite the rocky year so far… Let me remind you all PS4 gamers why you should be taking it easy this 2016:

Again, I would say people are exaggerating a bit on this one, but I do not own a PS4. What do you think? Have you joined the masses of disappointed gamers threatening to get an Xbox next? Do let us know in the comment section below!


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