PlayStation Network free games April 2016


Is that time of the  month again, people all over the  internet are wondering what titles will be coming out for all those PSN+ holders. If you aren’t one, then go right ahead and buy some cheap PSN Plus cards for Europe.

Is not secret that the PlayStation community is a little pissed off at the overall quality of the games released lately under their ‘Free’ slogan. Many (including me) like to think these games that come with the PSN are more rented than given to users…

If you didn’t know, once you cancel your PSN Plus subscriptions, the titles that you have gotten in the past will not be available for you to play any longer.

Not that it matters a lot anyway, apart from Grim Fandango, most of the free titles that have come out for the PS4 haven’t been of the highest quality… or have they?

Dead Star available on the PlaySation Network this April 2016

PlayStation Network free games April 2016

The first game announced thus far, I guess the people are PlayStation like to take it one small step at the time when it comes to their announcements.

A multiplayer game that allows you to join an interstellar war, join your friends, destroy your enemies… you must accept is a promising start!

Blast off to the edge of the universe in an epic space combat shooter where every mission explodes with new dangers. Banished to a prison called the Wastes, your only hope of survival is to pilot one of 12 customizable ships and fight your way out through ever-changing combat zones.

Watch the video trailer for Dead Star

Sadly we haven’t yet gotten  accurate confirmation of the rest of the  games that will be made available this April 5th on the PSN+… though judging by past circumstances, Sony should be releasing the rest of the titles tomorrow  or later today (they generally do so on the last Tuesday/Wenesday of each month).

So worry not! We will keep updating this post with the latest information. In the midtime, do feel free to share your thoughts on the PSN+ in the comment section below, we do love to hear what you guys think!


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