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Reddit E3: What The Front Page Of The Internet Thinks About 2016’s E3

Look, is no secret I love Reddit and it’s community… well except the PS4 community lol for some reason those guys are rather hateful gamers! Or maybe just too strongly opinionated for my taste.

Whatever it is, is one of the most active and largest communities of gamers in existence. Multiplatform gamers from across the globe join together daily to share their opinions, discoveries, achievements and (of course) criticism of the gaming industry.

As a blogger for is my job to write about the E3, after all, gaming event’s do not get larger than this. Of course this is also the job of every single video-game blogger out there…

In an attempt to make this slightly more interesting, I went to the source itself. I wanted to show you the most upvoted posts on Reddit about 2016’s E3.

This should give us a good idea what the community feels about the incoming flood of new titles and consoles.

Let’s get down to it!

The best E3 games according to Reddit’s reaction  

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benefits of the PSN plus apply to all consoles including PS3 and PS Vita

PS4 Account Sharing: How to share your PSN+ Account and PS4 games

How to share your PSN plus subscription PS4

Here’s a rather common type of question that  I have seen pop up time and time again online:

Hi there. I currently have a ps4 and a ps plus subscription. My 12 year old younger brother also plays on the same ps4 under my account. I was wondering if there is a way for him to make an account. (Wants his own username) and be able to play online under my ps plus?

Or do I need to buy him his own ps plus subscription for his own account as well?

I figured it would be a great time to write about how to share your PSN plus subscriptions, sharing is caring after all!

First steps to share your PSN Plus account with family and friends

The trick here is to have the main PlayStation account on your PS4 to be the one with the active PSN+ Subscription. Let’s repeat that, you willbe able to share your PSN plus subscription and games with other accounts on your PS4 AS LONG AS YOU MAKE SURE THE ACTIVE PSN Plus Subscription is on the main PlayStation account.

Some things to keep in mind when sharing you PSN Plus subscription

While you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, other people using your PlayStation 3 system or PlayStation 4 system can access selected PlayStation Plus membership benefits from your system.

You can also access your PlayStation Plus membership benefits on other people’s PlayStation 3 system or PlayStation 4 systems.

PS Vita and PS TV allow only one user at any time. Therefore, PlayStation Plus benefits cannot be shared.

Benefits non-subscribers get when sharing PSN Plus Subscription with an active PSN+ subscriber

ps4 account sharing benefits non subscribers get when sharing their psn plus subscription and games

*These features are available whether the subscriber is signed into PlayStation Network or not.


playstation 4.5 is more of an upgrade than a new console

Sony’s new console the PlayStation 4.5 NEO

It has been a great year for Sony, as the irrefutable champion of consoles, they do have a lot to be happy about. The have also set themselves up in a good position for the next big trend in video gaming, Sony’s VR set is indeed very promising.

Is Sony releasing a new console in 2016?

Ok, in reality, the much talked about PlayStation 4.5 NEO is more of an upgrade (with 4k capabilities)  than an entirely new console. Sony has kept rather quiet, omitting to reveal many details regarding their new machine. What we do know however is this:

PS NEO Specs:

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benefits of the PSN plus apply to all consoles including PS3 and PS Vita

The 7 Reasons Why PSN+ Subscription Is Good For You

What Do You Get With PlayStation Plus? All PSN Plus Benefits Listed

Things have definitely changed in the world of video games. Being able to play multiplayer and share your gaming experiences with your friends is certainly one of the biggest draws towards the gaming community.

At it’s core, the PSN (PlayStation Network) is the platform required to play multiplayer with other gamers. The PlaysStation Network Plus. PSN+, PSN Plus (or however you choose to call it) is the paid access to the PSN, which of course comes with a few other advantages!

Sony has come up with a few benefits to encourage players to buy a PSN Plus Card, lets take a good look at all of these… Continue reading