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Pokemon Go Coins What Are They And Where To Buy Them Cheap


What Are Pokemon Coins?

Inside the Pokemon Go world, you can make in-game purchases of special equipment and items that give your certain advantages (like capturing Pokemon with ease , making them evolve into rarer forms or increasing their fighting stats).

Microtransactions within the Pokemon Go universe are done using Pokemon Coins. Using these, you can either earn in game by defeating gyms, or, you can choose to buy Cheap Pokemon Coins from trusted online retailers.

By spending these PokeCoins inside the Pokemon Go app, you’ll be getting access to a huge assortment of special equipment that will provide you with advantages.

Whether you choose to buy special Pokemon balls with higher capturing rates, special items that increase the value and stats of your fighting monsters.

Where to Get PokeCoins: Buy Cheap Pokemon Go Coins Instantly

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We deliver the digital codes (these are Google Play Gift Cards which you can exchange for Pokemon Coins inside the App) directly and instantly to your email, making the whole transaction super easy.

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Pokemon Go Is The Most Viral Term Ever

It is really hard to try and put things into perspective. Since the conception of the internet there has not been a single topic or happening that can compare to the amount of interest Pokemon has created.

Almost every single person on the internet is searching for Pokemon Go, it’s literally a phenomenon humanity has yet to experience (keep in mind Pokemon Go servers are not even live in most countries, which means it’s popularity is bound to increase even further).

Here, I reckon this graph can put the mind-boggling popularity of PK Go into perspective. Let me show you how the term ‘Pokemon Go’ Compares to the term ‘Donald Trump’ (which has become quite searched as American politics scare the rest of the world with it’s craziness).

pokemon go popularity

Pokemon Go Takes The World By Storm

If by now I have to explain to you what is Pokemon Go you must live under a rock. The internet has never seen something going as viral as Nintendo’s last take on the Pokemon game franchise.

If you live in North America, or any other country where the Pokemon servers have gone online, then you have noticed the increasing amount of would-be Pokemon masters taking onto the street in search of their favorite pocket-monsters.

The game itself is easy enough to get your head around: Using augmented reality technology, you can now walk around in the real world and find these creatures hiding everywhere.

The more you walk and explore your surroundings, the more likely you’ll be to find new and rarer creatures hiding around.

Much like the original games, once you encounter these wild Pokemon, you’ll get the chance to cast your poke balls onto them and hopefully make them yours.

Finding ‘gyms’ (which are real world locations) is another big aspect of Pokemon Go. Once you come across these gyms you can fight, train and develop your Pokemon in order to  establish yourself as a serious Pokemon master.


If you enjoyed this game as a kid, then I really wouldn’t understand why you don’t have it installed in your phone yet. You can download Pokemon Go For Android or Pokemon Go for IOs right now and give it a try.

In many ways, Nintendo has re-established the Pokemon Fever that took over the world during the 90’s as the Red, Green and Blue Pokemon cartridges hit markets worldwide.

By encouraging the old school Pokemon masters from the 90’s to pick up their hobbies again, and don’t forget many of this generations are now parents, Nintendo has 2 generations of Pokemon masters head over heels with Pokemon Go.

The future does indeed look very promising for the video game giant as well as an ever increasing number of fans.

What’s your opinion of Pokemon Go? Do you think it will establish itself as the new standard of mobile gaming? Or is it all a fad that will undoubtedly fade away in a few months as people get tired of endless walks around the park and retreat, yet again, to their sofas, PCs screens and standard video games consoles?


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