benefits of the PSN plus apply to all consoles including PS3 and PS Vita

PS4 Account Sharing: How to share your PSN+ Account and PS4 games


How to share your PSN plus subscription PS4

Here’s a rather common type of question that  I have seen pop up time and time again online:

Hi there. I currently have a ps4 and a ps plus subscription. My 12 year old younger brother also plays on the same ps4 under my account. I was wondering if there is a way for him to make an account. (Wants his own username) and be able to play online under my ps plus?

Or do I need to buy him his own ps plus subscription for his own account as well?

I figured it would be a great time to write about how to share your PSN plus subscriptions, sharing is caring after all!

First steps to share your PSN Plus account with family and friends

The trick here is to have the main PlayStation account on your PS4 to be the one with the active PSN+ Subscription. Let’s repeat that, you willbe able to share your PSN plus subscription and games with other accounts on your PS4 AS LONG AS YOU MAKE SURE THE ACTIVE PSN Plus Subscription is on the main PlayStation account.

Some things to keep in mind when sharing you PSN Plus subscription

While you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, other people using your PlayStation 3 system or PlayStation 4 system can access selected PlayStation Plus membership benefits from your system.

You can also access your PlayStation Plus membership benefits on other people’s PlayStation 3 system or PlayStation 4 systems.

PS Vita and PS TV allow only one user at any time. Therefore, PlayStation Plus benefits cannot be shared.

Benefits non-subscribers get when sharing PSN Plus Subscription with an active PSN+ subscriber

ps4 account sharing benefits non subscribers get when sharing their psn plus subscription and games

*These features are available whether the subscriber is signed into PlayStation Network or not.



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