benefits of the PSN plus apply to all consoles including PS3 and PS Vita

The 7 Reasons Why PSN+ Subscription Is Good For You


What Do You Get With PlayStation Plus? All PSN Plus Benefits Listed

Things have definitely changed in the world of video games. Being able to play multiplayer and share your gaming experiences with your friends is certainly one of the biggest draws towards the gaming community.

At it’s core, the PSN (PlayStation Network) is the platform required to play multiplayer with other gamers. The PlaysStation Network Plus. PSN+, PSN Plus (or however you choose to call it) is the paid access to the PSN, which of course comes with a few other advantages!

Sony has come up with a few benefits to encourage players to buy a PSN Plus Card, lets take a good look at all of these…

1-Automatic backup of saves to the cloud (up to 1GB per platform)

That’s correct, you get up to  1GB of space to store up your game progress. Do keep in mind this doesn’t only limit itself to your PS4 either, the Vita and the PS3 also get to save the data in the cloud.

I did find this one thread on Reddit that warns users about this one issue, I do think you should be aware of it also since many people do have more than one console hooked to their PlayStation Network Plus…

Other than that you can check even more details about this automatic backup at the official faq page.

2-Automatic game patch downloads

Who has the time for annoying patches and loading screens? What we really want to do is play! With this automatic feature, updating all of your games is as easy as… well-doing nothing really!

The system will go through all of your recently played games and update those that have some new patch available. Seriously, you’ll wake up the next day to a lovely message saying all your games have been updated by themselves.

Quite neat isn’t it?

3-Automatic syncing of trophy data

psn plus benefits differ slightly from console to console

Table showing which features require a PSN Plus Subscription on which console, they are not all the same. Do take a second to consider this information.

Again, who doesn’t like some automation right? As long as your PSN Plus subscription is active, your trophy and achievement data will be automatically backed up so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

This benefit in particular is not per say the same across all the consoles, do take a good look at this graph it shows which features require your PSN Plus subscription (as some of these are actually free depending on the console):

4-60-minute trials of certain retail games (PS3 Only)

5-Early access to certain betas/demos

Who doesn’t like to get a sneak preview of upcoming games? Don’t forget the PlayStation Network is also filled with awesome independent titles. You will always find something new to try.

6-Discounts galore

psn benefits include free monthly games and discounts on the official store

Every month get new discounts on the PlayStation store, you can check this month’s discounted games, it will give you an idea of the neat discounts you’ll be enjoying with your PSn+ card.

7- One subscription covers all platforms.

Because it will be very likely that you already own another Sony console, by choosing to go on the Plat Station Plus subscription you’ll get all these benefits regardless of you console, Vita, PS3 and PS4 they are all included!

8-Full Games Monthly!

I mean C’on who doesn’t like some ‘Free’ games right?  The only thing I probably have to warn you bout here is the fact that if your subscription runs out, you won’t be able to access the library of free games any longer, many gamers choose to use the term ‘games for rent’ rather than ‘free’ because of this factor.

That said, for only 4 Euro a month you’ll be getting quite a few games which should definitely make it worth the price tag:

  • 2 free games for PS4
  • 2 free games for PS Vita
  • 2 free games for PS3

Note: PS4 online multiplayer requires* PS+.
* Excluding free-to-play & subscription-based games.

These were April 2016 Free Games on the PSN:


Do I keep everything if I cancel my PSN+ Subscription?

If there’s one thing Sony has gotten a little bit of criticism for is this: Once you cancel your PlayStation Plus Subscription you will lose access to few of your benefits, including the free games.

Many like to thing about the PSN Plus service as a kind of rental service which you need to keep playing your membership fee in order to maintain your benefits.

In short, this is what happens when your PSN Plus subscription runs out…

You keep

  • Discounted Games/DLC
  • Avatars
  • Themes

You lose access to (until renewal)

  • Free Games/DLC
  • Cloud Saves (saved up to 6 months after cancellation)


There are plenty of reasons to join the PSN Plus community, after all, the games and discounts alone (even though they do raise a bit of controversy every month) should be enough reason to cough up some cash and get your subscription on.

You can check our collection of cheap PSN Plus subscriptions and gift cards, if you have any other benefits the PSN Plus offers which we have missed please let us know in the comment section below!


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