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Reddit E3: What The Front Page Of The Internet Thinks About 2016’s E3


Look, is no secret I love Reddit and it’s community… well except the PS4 community lol for some reason those guys are rather hateful gamers! Or maybe just too strongly opinionated for my taste.

Whatever it is, is one of the most active and largest communities of gamers in existence. Multiplatform gamers from across the globe join together daily to share their opinions, discoveries, achievements and (of course) criticism of the gaming industry.

As a blogger for is my job to write about the E3, after all, gaming event’s do not get larger than this. Of course this is also the job of every single video-game blogger out there…

In an attempt to make this slightly more interesting, I went to the source itself. I wanted to show you the most upvoted posts on Reddit about 2016’s E3.

This should give us a good idea what the community feels about the incoming flood of new titles and consoles.

Let’s get down to it!

The best E3 games according to Reddit’s reaction  


With more than 4653 upvotes and 1600 comments, this video is hands down the most talked about title release for the E3 according to Reddit. Most will agree there’s a fair amount of reasons for this… but those are the wrong ones!

Ok, I’ll be honest with you, the reason this is the most talked about video on Reddit gaming right now is not because of the game itself but rather the fact whoever posted this video re-upload it and posted from his own youtube account. A big NO-No in Redditique… so many of the comments are related to the fact that:

“…people reupload a free promotional videos from YouTube.

I guess maybe they run ads on it to generate revenue (which is skeezy enough) but I didn’t even see ads on OP’s posted video.”

Still though, with 4653 upvotes Death Stranding has left quite the impression in the community. Many ( including me after watching that trailer) seems to be rather confused about what the game is about. So as far as building some buzz, we have to give it to you KOJIMA, you have done well!

What Redditors are figuring out so far… or not!

2-God of War – E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Can’t get much bigger than this franchise. Not much of a surprise here, but the announcement that God of War is getting a new title did make some waves on the net. 3663 upvotes and almost 1000 comments make this trailer the second most popular video from the E3 on Reddit… Let’s see what the community had to say!

Best comments about God of War trailer by redditors


3-Spider-Man PS4 E3 2016 Teaser

Boom! Another PS4 exclusive release, take control of Peter parker for the newest adventure of Spiderman. 2300 Upvotes and moire than 500 comments say this game is one of the most talked about titles for this year’s E3.

This one comes from Insomniac studios, Reddit does seem to have quite a bit of faith on the developer…

What Redditors are saying about the new Spider-Man title


4-Detroit Become Human – E3 2016 Trailer | PS4

So far looks like Sony, PLayStation and all it’s amazing studios are stealing the show! 2000 upvotes and 330 comments say Detroit Becomes Human is also on the top most talked about games coming out in the near future. 

With the promise of a story based game where your choices affect the outcome of it all, this new title is certainly gathering some buzz online:

5-SouthPark: The Fractured but Whole E3 2016 trailer [UK]

know the name alone of this title is funny and smart enough to get the entire community making jokes for a month! I don’t think I have played a game from the SouthPark franchise since the days of my old N64… and I will tell you this, I’m getting rather excited to change that!

6-Horizon Zero Dawn – E3 2016 Gameplay Video | Only on PS4

Possibly one of my favorite announcements. The story and concept of this game just seem so good to pass! Another PS4 exclusive stealing the show for Sonny here! Seriously, what is happening Xbox? Reddit is not being kind today… or maybe you haven’t been good at all this year!

7-Halo Wars 2 Official E3 Trailer

OK! Thank God we found this here. I would have hated to end this list without at least been able to talk about a single XboxOne game!

As it turns out, it’s Halo and Masterchief who come to Microsoft’s rescue! People are at least hoping the nest title of Microsoft’s most famous game series is enough of an incentive to convince the new generation of gamers to pick one of their 2 newer consoles.


As far as games go, the entire E3 2016 belongs to Sony and Xbox. Though the titles that have been announced at the conference are indeed some of the best line up in year. It was Sony’s exclusive titles that game Reddit the most to talk about.

Luckily I own a PS4 , so it has certainly been a good day! Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit Becomes Human and Deat Stranding will forever be edged in my brain now. There’s no need to say my PSN Plus membership is active and ready to load these monster titles.

The waiting begins!! How about yourself? Wh8ich titles will you be awaiting the most? Just let us know in the comment section below!



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