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Retro games about to have a great year: COLECO will release a cartridge console in 2016


Retro Games Are Back This 2016

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I am not alone in my love for moving pixels, we know many of our clients spend a lot of their Xbox Live Subscription time and PSN Credit purchasing and playing oldies online. Retro games are indeed back in a big way, but the whole nieche is about to get a lot cooler with a console that works in the old-school way.

COLECO , a gaming company that has pretty much come back from the dead (I think their website still shows they are not fully updated to this decade) is about to put out with a cartridge console in early 2016.

The decision comes after a partnership between Retro Video Games Systems (or Retro VGS) and the defunct COLECO. Under the agreement, they would use COLECO’s brand and Retro VGS know-how to release a console with “the ability to play classic and new games loaded on dedicated collectable cartridges and featuring graphics from the eight, 16, and 32-bit eras.”

The creators are confident their Coleco Camaleon ‘will take gamers and their families back to a simpler time where games were all about great gameplay and fun factor.’

There are no videos yet released of the gameplay or reviews of the console, it has not been announced which games will be available for the console either (apart from the very vague “ [it] will accurately play classic games from the past”) .

Here’s the last official Press Release given by the gaming company:

“Video-game industry pioneer COLECO re-enters the market, partnering with Retro Video Game Systems, Inc., to introduce a new, modern-day video-game system called the COLECO Chameleon.
COLECO Chameleon is a versatile new video-game system that serves as a modern day take on the classic game console and will accurately play classic games from the past. The COLECO Chameleon also has the ability play brand-new games in the 8-, 16- and 32-bit styles, a growing and popular genre in today’s game scape.
Chris Cardillo, a partner in COLECO said, “Mark [Thomann] and I are excited to work hand-in-hand with Retro Video Game Systems, Inc. in the launch of the COLECO Chameleon. It’s ironic that a new ‘retro’ video-game system would actually revolutionize and revitalize the COLECO brand.”

A format that should not be forgotten


Though the younger generations of gamers might feel this is not exactly the most exciting of news, I’m rather ecstatic about the announcement.

My entire childhood is filled with happy memories involving the hard-plastic cases: Trading, sharing or playing countless hours with them (and always confident all my data was safe inside those hard protective grey plastic shells) the format certainly has had an impact on a generation of gamers.

I can confidently say I will have to give this one a try. What are your thoughts on the matter?


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