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Rimworld Still On Early Access 5,001 Reviews Say This Game Is Awesome


“A sci-fi colony sim driven by an AI storyteller”
Rimworld is little-known indie game that is currently on steam early access. Risky to buy right?

NOTE: Don’t be taken back by the multiple prices you will be see listed on the Steam page, the extra packages apart from the game, have inflated prices due to a huge interest from the community. Here’s the actual explanation on this thread

Early access has been known for its lemons, but here’s the kicker; thousands of user reviews in and its consensus is, “Overwhelmingly Positive.”

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Creating your own world in Rimworld

Choose the Scenario

It’s part old-school RPG with random events/ part colony simulator, and as of the writing of this article, the game is in Alpha 15c. You start off choosing a scenario; 3 survivors from a destroyed ship, a rich explorer out to make their name in the galaxy, or a tribe of primitives that have yet to discover electricity. You can also choose to make up your own scenario with your own set of parameters.

Pick the location and characteristics of your new world

After you have completed this initial step, is time to generate a map based off of a keyword, then you will pick a site on the map to start your colony.  You will have a wide array of options when customizing your game, including the following: terrain type, biome, average rainfall,  crop-growing season length of your crops and even the type of rock you can mine and build with.

Let it Spawn

Depending on what you choose, different animals will spawn in respect to that biome, which you can hunt for food or tame as pets/beasts of burden. THEN you choose your colonists, pick your AI story teller (pretty much the difficulty setting and randomness) and voila! Welcome to your Rimworld.

Game Dynamics

So as you can see, this game is all about choice. You are God in this and you can do as you please. Except directly control your colonists, they’re not soldiers after all.

Instead what you do is set out orders and priorities then your colonists will do those orders and follow the priorities that range from, cooking, cleaning, building, mining, crafting, hunting etc.

Overall, the point of the game is to build up your colony, feed its people, fend off raids and attack from other tribes and the occasional mad/hungry animal.

All the while researching through the tech tree finally build a ship and get your people off the planet… and probably crash on another Rimworld to begin all over again, at least in my head.

One odd thing I will mention is how you end up recruiting more people to your colony. You either randomly get one from a story event, or you wait till your raided, and fight off the raid and capture any raiders that are left alive but wounded and unable to move.

Then you toss them in a prison cell, treat their wounds and over time, convince them to join your colony. Here’s the kicker: The more luxurious the prison cell, the more likely they are to join… so often times your prison cell will end up being the most luxurious bedroom in your colony!

A complex game that teaches you how to play it

Now you might be thinking that this is going to be impossible to learn, and you’d be right. It would be difficult to work out what to do, and how to do things. The good news is that this game comes with an adaptive learning system that watches what you’re doing and gives you really helpful tips and advice on it, as well as telling you about stuff you haven’t figured out yet. It’s really quite intuitive.

AI in the game and in gameplay

But wait, there’s more; your colonists aren’t mindless drones. They’re simulated as humans and humans get sick, mentally and physically. I have yet to come across a “god” game that actually simulates human state of mind and integrates it into gameplay so well that it feels like it adds something more to the gameplay, rather than being a hindrance.

These little people on the screen will observe their surroundings, living conditions and even social interactions to decide how they feel at any given moment. If conditions get to be too much for them, they break and act out. However what’s fascinating is that all colonists are different, so their thresholds of tolerating bad conditions are different.

Even after doing your very best, your first couple colonies will likely fail, but that’s ok! This game has a storyteller and RPG elements, from the very first time your drop-pod hits the surface, until the time your last colonist takes their last breath, to the moment when you finally complete your ship. All of it is a story created and driven on by you.

This game is the pinnacle of 2D survival simulation currently available on Steam. Where many games only simulate the world, its dangers and the way to overcome them, Rimworld goes beyond that and adds all the emotions and feelings. The game world feels alive.

We are just scratching the surface of how awesome this game really is

Quite frankly I don’t do the game justice in this short review, I could go on for hours about how immersive and addicting this game can become, how you can get attached to the characters and how you really just want to kill off some because of the trouble their causing, (which you can actually do or arrest and sell them to a passing slave-driver if you want.)… The choice are just there for you to play with.

First colony went ok, built in the boreal mountains. Fall comes along, and my food stores are not looking good. A trade caravan shows up, but instead of having food for me, all they have is a bunch of expensive livestock, including boomalopes. Yes, livestock that explodes!

I thought I Was screwed.

Then an invasion of mad boomrats (smaller things that explode!) attack, but go straight for the caravan, creating a chain reaction of explosions from boomrats to boomalopes, setting fire to the traders, killing them all.

Rimword Mods and future for the game

What’s even more awesome is that this game is super mod friendly. Steam Workshop makes finding, installing and playing a mod as easy as clicking a button to subscribe, starting the game, clicking on the mods button and enabling the mod you subscribed to.

These mods, they range from researching and making prosthetic/bionic limbs, (because yes, your colonists can lose limbs,) to putting fuses in your electricity system.

There is a mod for everything, even a Multiplayer mod, which is insanely fun… and I haven’t stopped talking about Rimworld… It’s THAT good! If you like God games, get it on steam! Play it! I’ve got over 200 hours in this game and I’m still not bored!

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