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I’m not particularly a person that likes to brag too much (though we have been known to hold our own opinions when it comes to videogame reviews) but I did some tests on our site for SEO and security checks, I figured the results would be interesting to you since they do corroborate the fact we are a safe site to buy PSN Plus Cards, Xbox Live Subscriptions and Steam Wallet credit.

Let’s see some of the results. In case you might be interested, I used this great tool from Hubspot called Website Grader. It’s a very simple tool that with seconds provides you with a quick overview of your site’s SEO strength and security.

It then packs it all together nicely with an overall security and performance score:

safe site to buy legit play-station codes from

Safe Transactions When Buying Game Codes

If there’s one thing that everyone online should be worried about is Internet security, after all, you certainly don’t want to be giving your private information to websites that won’t take care of it. I don’t need to remind you how careful you have to be when shopping online , do I?

Here at our game code shop we use SSL encrypted communications between our servers and your browser. Have you noticed how our URL starts with ‘https://’ rather than your standard ‘http://’?

That’s right! By shopping at our site you can always ensure your personal information will be encrypted and impossible for hackers to use…Safe site To Buy xbox live cards

To put it simply, the extra “s” means your connection to that website is encrypted so hackers can’t intercept any of your data. The technology that powers that little “s” is called SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

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As you can see, the website grader reapply appreciated us using SSl encrypted protocol, hopefull so do you! 

Mobile Friendly Site So You Can Buy From Your Phone Or Tablet

mobile friendly test results from hubspot website grader

If there’s one thing we love apart from offering some of the cheapest game code deals on the market, is making it easy for you to use our site! Knowing there are more people shopping from their mobile devices than desktops, means having a mobile friendly Ecommerce site is extremely important.

Check out what Hub Spots’s Website Grader had to say about our mobile performance:

Not too shabby I would say! By providing both a safe and mobile-friendly shopping experience, we are trying to make it super easy for you to shop with us anywhere! I mean, have you ever noticed how easy it really is to buy from our shop? I literally takes 3 clicks…

Easiest Way To Buy A PSN Plus or Xbox Live Subscription


Hope our readers can understand the amount of time and effort we spend trying to provide the best experience for you. We provide safe monetary transactions and quick/responsive websites so that you can stop worrying about it and do what you deserve, game peacefully!

website grader by hubspot tells you how to fix issues

Website Grader Indicates what simple steps you can take next to improve your website

Other than that I just wanted to thank HibSpot for the amazing Website Grader tool. Simple to use, it gives you a clear understatement of what is working and what is not… and it gives you this awesome step by step guide o how to start improving as well…

What have we missed? Is there anything i\on our website that doesn’t fit well with you? Is there something we should improve upon?

Do please let us know your feedback in the comment section below, after all, that’s the quickest way we’ll continue to improve. Thanks for your support guys!


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