playstation 4.5 is more of an upgrade than a new console

Sony’s new console the PlayStation 4.5 NEO


It has been a great year for Sony, as the irrefutable champion of consoles, they do have a lot to be happy about. The have also set themselves up in a good position for the next big trend in video gaming, Sony’s VR set is indeed very promising.

Is Sony releasing a new console in 2016?

Ok, in reality, the much talked about PlayStation 4.5 NEO is more of an upgrade (with 4k capabilities)  than an entirely new console. Sony has kept rather quiet, omitting to reveal many details regarding their new machine. What we do know however is this:

PS NEO Specs:

Compared the specs of the Original PS4 and the upcoming NEO. Both consoles have 8 Jaguar Cores CPU, but NEO offers better performance with 2.1 GHz frequency compared to the 1.6 GHz of PS4. NEO will sport an improved GPU of AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz while the compared console is currently running on AMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800 MHz.

Which is not something that has being done before. The gaming industry has gotten us gamers quite used to regular cycles of upgrades, every 6 years or so we’d get a next gen console that would re-defy how we saw and experienced games… this is not the same.

There’s quite the stir among users online, many arguing than an update is merely a quick way for PlayStation to rip profits from the huge popularity of the PS4. After all, wouldn’t you upgrade once knowing there is a console that is slightly better than yours?

Still, plenty of gamers remain hopeful Sony will come up with a fair exchange program, where you actually get some value back from trading in your PS4 for the new PSN 4.5 NEO


The new console war 2016

concept design for rumored next gen Nintendo console 2016

Rumored concept for new controller for next generation console from Nintendo

It’s a fair thought to have, after all, it was Nintendo who started all of this earlier this year when they officially announced the release of their newest console the Nintendo NX by the end of 2016… Add this to the fact VR sets will be fully operational by then with a diverse game library and you’ll start to understand why 2016 is such a big year for the industry, and us, the gamers!

Xbox for it’s part hasn’t officially announced any plans to develop an upgrade (they seem quite eager on they Xbox2 which still has a planned released date for 2020)… ofcourse this doesnt stop people from making rumors about a possible Xbox1.5.


The PlayStation NEO is certainly not a revolutionary console, it will however, allow Sony’s ultra popular PS4 to get yet another boost. There still are plenty of  questions as to how people will react when faced with this new choice, do you agree with Sony’s decision?

Is it a good idea to upgrade the PS4 like this or should have the tech giant focused on the next generation of consoles entirely… We can possibly understand why Nintendo is eager to push ahead with development, they do have a lot of market share to get back!

Sony, however, is not in the same position. What’s you opinion about it? Let me know in the comment section below.


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