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101 Steam Sale Deals You Can’t Miss Out. You Only Have Until July 5th!


Update Steam Summer Sale June 2016

Oh yea is that time of the year again guys! Surrender your wallets and let’s drive deep into this world of cheap video games.

I know you probably had a long day at work, all you really want to do is see what the best offers are and get paying right? Well, I just so happened to spend a couple hours looking through all the items on sale and decided to pick a few of my favorite ones.

Sure, the likeability of us liking the exact same titles is slim, but trust me on this one: All of the following titles are real gems in the gaming world (and many of them have a huge discount!). Let’s see what I have found for you all…

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons 90% OFF on Steam Summer Sale

Download Brothers- A tale of two sons from the steam sale


About this game

There is and will never be a platformer as emotionally devastating as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Truly, it is a remarkable experience that won’t hit you where it hurts until it needs to.

  • Superb storytelling.
  • Lovely visuals.
  • Simple but interesting puzzles.
  • Subtle but pleasant soundtrack.
  • And perhaps most importantly: innovative gameplay mechanic which ties the controls to the narrative.

I proclaim this highly among my video game favorites. Such a unique, spectacular game. Today you get the chance to buy it 90% OFF, so please do the right thing!

Advent Rising 90 % during June’s Steam Sale

Advent rising discount on steam store during steam sale 2016

About this game:

Extremely enjoyable third-person action-adventure game, involving space, alien worlds, super powers and a great soundtrack. Kinda like a Star Wars Jedi Knight game, but without the lightsaber. Shame it didn’t sell well, the worst thing about the game is that it ends with a cliffhanger and we will never see how it continues.

Heck, I woulnd’t be too surprised if the devs From Mass Effect used this title as their inspiration, many things about it remind me of this newer franchise.

Here’s the original story line…

A common legend pervades the galaxy-that of a powerful, highly intelligent ancient race that will one day deliver the universe. They are known as Humans.
Some claim they are the messiah. Others believe they exist only in the imaginations of the young. The Seekers, however, know Humans exist and believe they are an enemy that must be destroyed. Under the guise of benevolent explorers, Seekers comb the universe and eradicate any Human colonies they find. Until now.
Working with award-winning science fiction author Orson Scott Card, GlyphX Games has created a gripping storyline that will thrust gamers into an incredible intergalactic saga.
The Advent of Humanity Begins…

Super Meat Boy 90% Discount on Steam Sale

If you haven’t tried this epic plaformer then please make the right choice and get a copy today! Save 90% of your money and get one of the most challenging indie games ever created. A real pleassure to play… exept the times you just want to desctry this damn game!

Here’s an awesome speed run that should give you quite a clear idea of how fund and challenging this title can be:

Super meat boy for sale 90% off june 2016

A few more titles you should get during 2016 Steam Summer Sale

There’s just so much!!! Let’s just say I now prefer to show you the rest of the cheap games I’ve seen in list form, nothing other than the fact there are so many games to choose from and not enough time to write about all of them! Hope you enjoy these:


Steam Summer Sale officially in the UK June 23rd 2016

It’s official you guys the Steam Sale has been officially announced and is coming on in 2 days!

That’s right, you got until June 23 2016 to stock up on our Cheap Steam Credit because you will have plenty of reasons to spend it all!

It’s actually quite a funny story. It was Paypal who ended up telling users about the upcoming sale rather than Steam themselves.  Sure, we all know the date was fast approaching, but it was tis one brave Tweet that has made the date for June Steam Sale official:

How Do Steam Sales Work, why are games so cheap

To this day I wonder exactly how Steam and game manufacturers can afford such discounts during sales times.  Getting most of the games you love with over 80% discount does almost seem like a miracle.

I suppose, at its core, the main difference exists in the way we are distributing and consuming video games. I don’t have to tell you how the rise of digital currency like Xbox Live & and PSN Plus have changed the way we buy and play video games.

Though some still prefer to have the physical copies of their preferred games, most people are happily choosing to buy digital codes and digital CD keys.

Traditional game sales needed manufacturing, packaging, shipping, stocking, suffer from damage etc. It’s basically a much more complex procedure that you might imagine, it has a certain amount of costs that are indeed unavoidable.

With digital sales of games you’ve got server costs (with the size of Steam and it’s distribution all over the glove, that’s not a tiny amount), maintenance of the servers, maintenance of the products (adding patching, etc), setting it so they game installs via steam, bandwidth costs to pump the stuff out… so yea while it’s still a lot less than traditional physical games it also implies certain costs.

Still, you have to really thank the way we are moving away from physical games towards a digital landscape where games are sold, downloaded and stored in digital outlets for the price drop in these titles. None of these Steam sales could have been possible in older times.

So for at leats that we thank you oh Digital! Do let us know which games you are looking forward to purchase! We will be updating you all with our choices 🙂


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