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5 Great Shooter Games On Steam With 50%+ Discount April 2016 Edition

Look, we all love video game deals, that’s a fact. One of our most searched pages in this blog talks about ways you can get free Xbox Live codes and people seem to love that (even though buying cheap Xbox Live Codes is always a better and easier way to do things)

Another thing I personally love is Reddit, I constantly use the platform to keep up with what’s going on in the game industry, heck, O even have figured out how to use Reddit to always find friends to play online games with.

Today I bring you a quick re-cap of some of the best video game deals that have appeared in this very active deals threat. I will make things easy for you and add some of my favourites in this article, but don;t forget these keep getting updated every minute pretty much! So yea, do keep up with Reddit if you want to stay ahead…

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Safe Site To Buy Xbox Live Gold, PSN Plus and Steam Codes Online

I’m not particularly a person that likes to brag too much (though we have been known to hold our own opinions when it comes to videogame reviews) but I did some tests on our site for SEO and security checks, I figured the results would be interesting to you since they do corroborate the fact we are a safe site to buy PSN Plus Cards, Xbox Live Subscriptions and Steam Wallet credit.

Let’s see some of the results. In case you might be interested, I used this great tool from Hubspot called Website Grader. It’s a very simple tool that with seconds provides you with a quick overview of your site’s SEO strength and security.

It then packs it all together nicely with an overall security and performance score:

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Safe Transactions When Buying Game Codes

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Never Game Alone Again: Fail-Proof Ways To Find Other Gamers To Play With

Today’s post comes from a mixture for my love of Reddit and the hope that this might come handy to some of you gamers out there. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Steam gamer, Xbox Live members or PSN Plus simp[athither, sometimes all gamers suffer from the same issues…

There’s always going to be one of those days where you can’t find anyone online to play a round of your favorite game, all along knowing that playing solo would never be as enjoyable.Maybe you just want to find new friends to play a particular title…

The point is, I just wanted to show you all 2 very easy quick and easy ways to find friends online to play any video game. Here we go: Continue reading

cover art for fall out 4 automatron expansion pack, which will be released 22nd march 2016.

Fallout 4 Automatron trailer

Oh yea, this upcoming March 22nd is bringing some extremely good news to all Fall Out Fans. Bethesda just released a new trailer showing off some of the features the new expansion pack for one of the year’s best games .Fall Out 4 Automatron.

Automatron | Price: $9.99 USD | £7.99 GBP | $16.95 AUD | Release: March 2016

Make sure you load up on your Xbox live subscriptions, PSN Plus cards or even Steam gift cards. The time is drawing near for the next level

Quite possibly one of the coolest features of modern gaming is the ability for the development studios to keep pumping out expansion packs and special content for the title. After it’s official release back in November, Fall Out 4 is getting an upgrade:

Fall  Out 4 Automatron Watch The Trailer:

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