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find friends to play online with using this website called PlayDate

Never Game Alone Again: Fail-Proof Ways To Find Other Gamers To Play With

Today’s post comes from a mixture for my love of Reddit and the hope that this might come handy to some of you gamers out there. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Steam gamer, Xbox Live members or PSN Plus simp[athither, sometimes all gamers suffer from the same issues…

There’s always going to be one of those days where you can’t find anyone online to play a round of your favorite game, all along knowing that playing solo would never be as enjoyable.Maybe you just want to find new friends to play a particular title…

The point is, I just wanted to show you all 2 very easy quick and easy ways to find friends online to play any video game. Here we go: Continue reading

PlayStation Network free games April 2016

Is that time of the  month again, people all over the  internet are wondering what titles will be coming out for all those PSN+ holders. If you aren’t one, then go right ahead and buy some cheap PSN Plus cards for Europe.

Is not secret that the PlayStation community is a little pissed off at the overall quality of the games released lately under their ‘Free’ slogan. Many (including me) like to think these games that come with the PSN are more rented than given to users…

If you didn’t know, once you cancel your PSN Plus subscriptions, the titles that you have gotten in the past will not be available for you to play any longer.

Not that it matters a lot anyway, apart from Grim Fandango, most of the free titles that have come out for the PS4 haven’t been of the highest quality… or have they?

Dead Star available on the PlaySation Network this April 2016

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Top 10 Accessories for Gamers Xbox, PS & PC

Unique and Out-of-the-‘Box’ Accessories for Gamers

Gaming is pretty fun and if you are reading this now, you know just how much enjoyment you can get out of it. Yet, there are a few things you can purchase to add to your system which will make a big difference while gaming.

Think about it like going to the movie theater vs watching a movie on a standard TV. We will be going over a few items we believe can help you enjoy your gaming experience even more.


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what a free gamecode generator looks like for the Xbox One

Free Xbox Live Codes All There’s Is To Know About Them

The deeper I get into digital marketing, the more I realize just how much this statement remains true: People love free stuff.

In case this is your first time visiting, specializes in selling Xbox Live codes, PSN Plus credit and other types of giftcards and digital currency. A question that constantly keeps coming to us is Free Xbox Live codes and how to get them…

Are there actually any legitimate ways to get free codes for your Xbox live? The answer (as with most things on the internet) is Yes.

That said, because we are talking about the internet, there are plenty of things to also watch out for. On this week’s post we’ll go through some of the main ways you can get legitimate free codes for your Xbox live, hope it proves helpful:

Free codes from Microsoft

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playstation virtual reality set announced to come out in october 2016

The Future Of Gaming: PlayStation Is In Big Time, Virtual Reality Set Release Date Confirmed

Since selling PSN Plus Cards, Xbox Live Subscriptions and Steam Cards is our daily objective, it follows we keep up with the technological developments of the industry we love (and depend upon for our survival!). This week, one of our favorite topics, other than indie games that is, made some headlines again: Virtual Reality is back on the map and is Sonny who has something to say about it…

Sonny reminds us all of the impending change of Paradigm that is quickly approaching the gaming industry

Sure, there has been quite the talk about virtual reality taking over many aspects of our life, gaming (of course) been a main point of focus in the discussion. Continue reading