xbox live gold allows for multiplayer gaming, free games and monthly discounts

What is Xbox Live Gold : Find out all the advantages of getting a gold subscription 2017 Update


Understanding the benefits of Xbox Live Gold can be very useful. Let’s go over some of these benefits of  Xbox Live Gold and why you should have this subscription.

To start off, there are some neat thing you can take advantage of, some of which are free and others you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold Subscription to access. Of course, when you pay for Xbox Gold you will have access to all the same things as Xbox Live and much more!

NOTE: Xbox Live Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One are the same thing! It doesn’t matter which console you have, all the codes listed here can be used for both systems as they are loaded/redeem on your account regardeless of your console.

First tings first, here’s a list of all the advantages that come with Xbox Live aka Xbox Live Silver:

Xbox Live advantages (these perks are also included with Xbox Live Gold):

  • Xbox Video
  • Voice chat
  • Free demos and game previews
  • Family settings
  • Downloadable games
  • Bing
  • Avatar creations
  • Apps including Netflix
  • Xbox One can owners also use EA Access in thei free version of Xbox Live

I’m sure you have taken notice that Xbox Live Gold offers many additional perks but these perks can sometimes come with a catch such as needing subscriptions or additional equipment.

To make things simple, most people purchase a Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play online multiplayer.

Let’ say that again as is very important piece of information, you are not able to play multiplayer of your Xbox Live subscription alone, you have to get a Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to play multiplayer on the Xbox!

If you already have an Xbox Live Gol d membership active, or if you were thinking about getting one, you should know all the extra advantages you get with it. ?

Let’s go through them right now!

Xbox Live Gold Full Advantages Include Multiplayer, Free Games With Gold and Discounted Monthly Games Just To Name A Few:

what is Xbox live gold and its benefits

  • Online worldwide multiplayer
  • Xbox Music (with Xbox Music Pass subscription)
  • Upload Studio
  • tv (Twitch account needed)
  • Smart Match
  • Skype
  • Party Chat
  • Online Multiplayer gaming
  • OneGuide
  • NFL on Xbox (cable or satellite provider)
  • Netflix (account needed)
  • Internet Explorer

As you can see the list of apps and advantages you get with your Xbox Gold subscription are plenty (and quite interesting for gamers who want to take their playing seriously and start streaming worldwide to their audiences).

Still though, the main reasons people choose to get their gold subscription is the ability to play multiplayer, the monthly discounts as well as the free games with gold (check out the updated library here)

Deals with Gold (monthly discounts on the store):

You will have access to all kinds of different titles but more importantly, you will have access to discounts. Every week, Xbox comes out with different deals, games and add-ons which are discounted for you.

This is where gamers really get to enjoy the benefits of paying for an Xbox Live Subscription. And just to be clear, these deals come with Xbox One and 360. If you have an Xbox One, most likely the games for Xbox 360 are backwards compatible (Since November 2015), so you get double the offerings.

Free Games with Gold (free monthly games):

free games with your xbox gold subscription

Every month, Xbox announces four free games they give away from limited time. Two of these give-away games are for Xbox 360 and two are for Xbox One. Keep in mind, since November of 2015, all Xbox 360 games which Xbox gives away with the Games with Gold are backward compatible.

Essentially, if you have an  Xbox One you will be getting access to four free games each month. One game for each system (360 & One) comes out on the first of the month and is available for free download until the end of the month. The second free game for each system comes out on the sixteenth of each month and ends on the fifteenth of the following month.

Do I owe these ‘free’ Xbox games?

Although these games technically are free to download, there is a bit of a catch if you have an Xbox One:

The games you download for Xbox One can only be played if you have an active subscription. For example, if you download a game but discontinue your subscription, you will be unable to play that game until you renew the subscription.

However, when you download the Free Games with Gold for 360, you will be able to keep these games forever whether you decide to keep your subscription or not.

Usually, Xbox will offer a free one-month Xbox Live Gold trial to new members (so you’ll have to create a new gamer profile). You will be forced to connect to

You will be forced to connect to credit card to this free trial but for that first month you can download the Free Games with Gold. You need to be careful and cancel this subscription, otherwise a new one will be automatically charged to you credit card.

If you are interested, get some cheap Xbox Live Gold subscriptions right now.

Since these games with are only available for limited time and your console has only so much storage, you can add it to your library. Once in your library, you can leave it in your queue to be installed. You can always install, uninstall and reinstall games at any point.

Sharing with Your Family and Playing On-the-Go:

Let your family members use their own gamer tag and play on your Xbox Live Gold. This will only work for Xbox One allowing for multiple consoles to play out of a single Xbox Gold Subscription.

Once the accounts are added (and the main family console chosen) accessing the Xbox live gold from multiple consoles is  as simple as signing into your profile. Because this feature could work over different networks, ideally, Xbox one users could share gold subscriptions with friends and family worldwide.

Another very neat feature of this family share module is the fact that (if you have the game in digital copy) you can also share that game with you family members. This means you can save a lot of money since you are only purchasing a digital Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and a sinlge digital game which is then shared with the other family consoles.

Here’s a very helpful video detailing and going over these facts, hope you find it useful:

Other Perceived Advantages that Xbox Users have

Shopping for Deals:

A huge different between Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus is the region restrictions. Xbox Live Gold does not restrict its users to countries/regions whereas PlayStation Plus does.

When you purchase a PlayStation Plus membership, you must purchase the membership in relationship to your country/region. The point is, when you are trying to find a deal on the internet, it is much easier to find a better deal with Xbox Live Gold.

Smart Match:

Xbox believes it has created a new algorithm to set you up for the perfect online gaming experience. Smart Match connects player online depending on skill, language and reputation amongst other factors. You and other party members can make specific details to which type of game you participate online.

Smart Match will find those perfect members for you to play with. While you are waiting, you can do other activities on your Xbox until the match is found. Once the match is found, it will prompt you to play with your desired match style. Also, with over 300.000 servers worldwide, finding a quality match shouldn’t be a problem.


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