Xbox live angers Snoop Dog january 2016

Xbox Live Angers Snoop Dog: Microsoft and Bill Gates Told To Fix Their S**t


Yup, you heard right, Xbox is down again and Snoop Dog has had enough of it.

Both consoles have had some issues in the recent past, it hasn’t been a good tart of the year for the PlayStation Network either. The reaction from the internet that time does not compare  to what has just happened after Snoop took it to the net to express his dissolution with Xbox One, Microsoft or whoever the f**k is in charge of the network’s smooth running.

Reddit was on fire yesterday because a video the Californian rapper posted. In it, Snoop delivers a concise and strong message ‘…Bill gates, Fix Yo Shit!’

He goes as far as to say he will be changing to the Playstation network if things don’t improve. In the midtime, don’t forget you can get Xbox Live Cards at discounted prices when buying from… or in case you have decided to say goodbye to the Microsoft console, you can also get cheap PlayStation Credit, Steam codes or various other game codes.

Xbox Live Angers Snoop Dog, CheckOut The Actual Video Here:

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