xbox one free games for January 2016

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Means Twice The Amount Of Free Games


Ok, we have discussed how Playstation has gotten quite a bit of criticism lately for a number of reasons. Adding salt to injury, let’s see how Xbox One’s backward compatibility means you actually get 4 free games when you purchase a Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Officially, Xbox One gamers with a Gold Membership will get 2 free titles during January 2016:

Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition- For the entire month of January

Zheros- From January 16th to February 15th.

Thanks to the miracle of backwards compatibility, Xbox One Players will also get their hands on the following titles for the Xbox-360:

DiRT Showdown

Deus Ex: Human Revolution- From the 16th of January

Oh yea, that does sound quite enticing doesn’t it? Remember offers some of the best prices for Xbox Live1 Year Membership, Steam CreditEA Access points and plenty more online games gift cards.

Because when the desire to play is too strong, you will do what is necessary. Let us know in the comment’s below how awesome of a time you are having playing these titles. Enjoy!


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