Top 10 Accessories for Gamers Xbox, PS & PC

Unique and Out-of-the-‘Box’ Accessories for Gamers

Gaming is pretty fun and if you are reading this now, you know just how much enjoyment you can get out of it. Yet, there are a few things you can purchase to add to your system which will make a big difference while gaming.

Think about it like going to the movie theater vs watching a movie on a standard TV. We will be going over a few items we believe can help you enjoy your gaming experience even more.


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titles announced to be backwards compatible march 2016

Backwards Compatibility Xbox One: New Titles Announced For March 2016

UPDATE** Sadly the information on this post has proven to be incorrect. Mayor Nelson has confirmed on this Reddit thread, that the picture that originated the talks about the upcoming releases was never true.

Certainly a strange thing given the picture was sent to people’s Xbox inbox and was certainly official to a point. Anyway, what can you do? Sometimes individuals within gigantic corporations will make mistakes (though no one is doubting the rumors could have been started in purpose) and this things happen.

Thank you again Major Nelson for the corroboration 🙂

After PlayStation just announced they’ll be releasing their PS VR Set this upcoming October, it’s certainly a good thing for Microsoft to get back out there and capture some headlines. There are some pretty awesome games coming to Xbox one…

If your Xbox senses have been tingling, I guarantee you it was in expectation of the following news. There’s a new batch of backwards compatible titles for your Xbox One. Yup, head to our shop and stock up with Xbox Live Gold Memberships, I mean, technically you can get some cheap

There’s a new batch of backward compatible games for your Xbox One. Yup, you should stock up with Cheap Xbox Live Gold , I mean, technically you can get some xbox gift cards if that’s what you prefer… But ensure you are prepared for these awesome games! Continue reading

lionhead studios and press play game development studios to close down

Lionhead & Press Play Studios to Close Down Says Microsoft

We certainly love game studios in the UK. Just last week we got to talk to an indie game developer based out of London who had many interesting (and rather inspiring) things to say about the future in independent game developers  here in the UK.

This week however, the news are not as positive. I just found out a very established UK game studio (and a few others in Europe) are about to disappear from the face of the earth… Continue reading

march 2016 games with gold

Games With Gold March 2016 Xbox Live Free Games

It’s official, the games with gold march 2016have been announced by our captain Major nelson. Here are 4 reasons to look forward to March…

The only problem you could face is not having an Xbox Live Gold membership, and people, do not pay more than you need to. Stay at home, get your discounts and enjoy your games. Click on the link above to get 12 months Live Gold discounted.

Free games with gold for Xbox One :

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment: Normally this title cost $29.99 but during the month of March it is yours free.

Lords of the Fallen: Generally $39.99 will be FREE during the month of March (March 16-April 15.)

Do keep in mind the following Xbox 360 titles can also be played on your Xbox one thanks to backwards compatibility. That is correct, Xbox One does get 4 free games a month.

xbox live games with gold march 2016

Free games with Gold for the  Xbox 360 March 2016

Supreme Commander 2: will be available at the Xbox store starting March 1 until March 15th.

On the 16th of March, you’ll get access to

Borderlands: From March 16th through March 31

NOTE: In case you are interested, we are offering Borderlands 2 for € 6.95 at our game codes online shop, if you like, visit is here.

Games With Gold March 2016: Here’s the official video